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Mydlink destekli NVR sunucusu
DVR DNR-202L mydlink-enabled service allows you to record four network cameras on the locally attached USB-drives. DNR-202L is an efficient and reliable device that supports the plug-and-play and intuitive Web-interface, simplifying setup and network cameras. With a wide range of management functions for IP-cameras, recording, playback and storage of video, DNR-202L provides comprehensive remote monitoring of high quality and is a good alternative obsolete surveillance systems.
Mydlink service on your mobile device
Thanks to the support service mydlink, DNR-202L allows users to view and remotely manage devices through mydlink-enabled Web-browser using Web-site mydlink or Web-based DVR. Additionally, the app mydlink View NVR provides access and control of the device DNR-202L with mobile devices.
Convenient and reliable video recording
DNR-202L allows you to manage multiple cameras, providing direct access to live video and playback of recorded data via the Internet. Full functional video management and the ability to simultaneously play and record new video characterize DNR-202L as a convenient and effective DVR. Furthermore, light weight, small size and portability of the device makes it suitable for installation in any place.
Universal monitoring and adjustment
Users have a wide range of options for viewing and organizing record keeping using the OSD. It may appear auxiliary user-defined camera names and status records. Also, the screen can display one or more cameras, and users can manage the interface of functional PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom).
Automatic detection cameras
One can not imagine an easier search and configure IP-cameras. Just click auto scan, and DNR-202L detect all cameras connected to the network. Built-in buzzer DVR DNR-202L will beep when detecting each of the chambers. 
Wide functional recording
In the DNR-202L uses a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly and easily configure the general settings, including compression, resolution and frame rate for all connected cameras. When the cameras are set up, recording can be performed automatically.
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