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Bebek monitörü Wi-Fi video kamera
Video Camera DCS-825L provides round the clock monitoring of your baby. With this portable camera, you can easily convert your mobile device surveillance. By connecting the camera to a wireless network or the Internet, you can watch the baby no matter where you are. The camcorder supports a wide range of functions, caring for the baby, including motion detection, sound, temperature sensors, and night vision function, automatic creation of snapshots and video recording. In addition, the camcorder playback melodic lullabies help your child sleep.
Child Safety - the key to peace of mind of parents
Video Camera DCS-825L is designed specifically for the video surveillance child. The camera is equipped with a megapixel sensor lets you record video with resolution up to 720p. In addition, DCS-825L supports night vision mode, which is activated automatically when it gets dark so you can be monitored both in the daytime and at night. Watch a child can not only at home but also abroad: mydlink app would allow for remote monitoring via the Internet.
Integrated Information System
Video Camera DCS-825L supports notification of certain events. Temperature sensor allows you to monitor the temperature in the room and informs about increasing or decreasing temperature, providing comfort and protection to the child. In addition, the camera supports motion detection and sound like a baby crying. After the detection of motion or sound being recorded snapshots and video clips that you can view later.
Portable monitoring solution anywhere
Going on a family trip, you can take a video camera, even where there is no access to the Internet. For local CCTV simply connect the mobile device to the wireless network video camera. Video Camera DCS-825L is the perfect solution for a family holiday, and when you go to visit friends. You can also connect an external USB-battery 1 that provides even greater portability of the device.
Ease of use
Running camcorder is instantly; mydlink Baby free app for iPhone, iPad and Android contains step by step instructions for installation and combines a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality. The camcorder allows you to monitor the child, zoom in or out, as well as any of the five plays soothing lullabies. You can also record video and snapshots and save them directly to your mobile device. 
1  USB-battery not included. Output current USB-battery must be equal to at least 2 A.
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