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Full HD Mini Pan - Tilt Dome Network Kamera
Dome Full HD IP-camera with pan and tilt drive DCS-5615 provides high-definition video transmission and compression format H.264. When you connect to the network camera provides broadcast quality video over the Internet.  
Video surveillance of high-resolution
Camera DCS-5615 supports Full HD resolution and enables you to capture video in widescreen mode (with an aspect ratio of 16: 9), which provides high quality images and significantly simplifies viewing and video surveillance. The supplied software allows you to view high quality images up to 32 cameras on a single computer screen in real time. The camera is also equipped with a slot for microSD-memory card which is used for local backups of important events.
Support for multicast data
To increase bandwidth efficiency at the maximum image quality camera DCS-5615 uses simultaneous video compression formats: MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264. When using the H.264 codec obtained small files, which allows long-term recording and use it on networks with low bandwidth. MJPEG format provides file integrity, making it ideal for situations which require high image detail. The chamber may organize multicast data streams, and provide access to on-demand video.
Clear image at different viewing angles
With features like pan / tilt camera DCS-5615 provides an overview of the vast field from different angles, and a 16-fold digital zoom allows you to bring an area of ​​interest for more information.
Connection flexibility
Digital input (DI) DCS-5615 allows you to connect external devices, such as infrared sensors, switches and alarm relays. The camera is also equipped with built-in PoE, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for additional power cables laying.
Detection tampering attempts housing
Detection attempts to impact the housing allow you to place the camera in places where there is a risk of vandalism, such as transportation hubs, schools or prisons. Camera equipped with an electronic alarm that uses a visual or audible alarm when the position or focus of the camera, as well as blocking or spray painting.
Centralized management via D-ViewCam
Software D-ViewCam ™ D-Link, the supplied allows you to view up to 32 cameras on a single computer screen. Users can set up an automatic notification by e-mail to be instantly informed of unusual activities, to create a recording schedule, as well as motion detection to record directly to your hard drive. Software D-ViewCam ™ also allows you to upload a floor plan of the enterprise and create the layout of the cameras, which greatly simplifies the process of governance.
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