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High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless Internet Camera with 10X Zoom

The D-Link SecuriCam 10x optical zoom Internet camera is an advanced security system that allows you to watch and listen remotely. Connected to a network in a building, campus, or to the broadband Internet, it provides you with high-quality video and audio monitoring. Equipped with built-in Web server, 2-way audio for listening and talking, and a rotation motor, this camera can be panned, tilted and zoomed remotely from a PC connected to a local network or the Internet. With motion detected image recording, time-saving trigger event playback, alert message and powerful software for multi-camera monitoring and management, this camera provides a comprehensive system for convenient surveillance from both a local site or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Clear Picture From Different Angles. The D-Link 10x optical zoom Internet camera features motorized pan, tilt, and optical/digital zoom, giving you greater remote viewing options. With a 10x optical zoom auto focus/auto iris lens, get greater clarity from your recordings than digital zoom alone. The 10x optical zoom lens delivers the level of detail necessary to identify people, license plate numbers, and other important details that are difficult to clearly view with digital zoom.

Motion Detected Recording. Instead of recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, images can also be recorded only when motions are detected. This saves disk space and eliminates the time wasted to view unnecessary images. Playback consumes little time with triggered event browsing and fast database searching. With support for both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 recording, this camera is well suited for various recording scenarios. Motion JPEG delivers greater file integrity, making it ideal for critical monitoring situations. MPEG-4 video has smaller file sizes, making it more useful for extended recording periods or for use in low bandwidth networks.

2-Way Audio, Low Light Sensitivity. The D-Link 10x optical zoom Internet camera provides a built-in microphone. Attach a speaker to this camera, and you can remotely communicate with people near the camera. An ideal location to use this 2-way audio feature includes point-of-entry areas, where you might want to identify a person before granting access. With the ability to record video in low light settings, the camera can provide exceptional nighttime surveillance. Extreme low light sensitivity of .05 Lux enables recording in near total darkness.

Multiple Camera Monitoring. You can remotely monitor your camera using a web-based interface, or through the D-Link IP surveillance software. The web-based interface lets up to 10 simultaneous users view the live feed from the camera. Using the feature-rich IP surveillance program, monitor and manage up to 16 cameras, set recording schedules, configure motion detection settings, and change settings to multiple cameras.

With or Without Wireless Connection. Two camera models are available for selection: DCS-6620 with an Ethernet port, and DCS-6620G with Ethernet and 802.11g wireless interfaces. The wireless model offers installation flexibility and freedom of wireless connectivity in difficult locations without the hassle of running Ethernet cables. This wireless camera supports WEP and WPA-PSK/TKIP for establishing secure connections to your wireless network.

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