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Day & Night poe Network camera with 3g mobile video support

The DCS-3410 is a versatile IP camera designed for both day and night, as well as indoor and outdoor applications when an outdoor enclosure is added. The camera is equipped with 2 digital input ports for sensors or alarms, 1 digital output port for an alarm, and 1 power output port for an LED illuminator. An RS-485 port is also included for external pan/tilt devices. The DCS-3410 is Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant in order to provide easy installation by eliminating the need for a power cable when used with PoE enabled networks. Additional items can be added to the DCS-3410 such as an Auto iris lens, IR LED lens, night vision illuminator, and an outdoor enclosure which is vandal and weather proof.

The live video feed from the DCS-3410 can be transferred over a 3G cellular network and displayed on a compatible mobile phone or PDA with a 3G video player. This feature offers users a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor their home or office in real time, from anywhere within the 3GPP service area.

Simultaneous MJPEG and MPEG-4 video streams allow systems to be optimized for both image quality and bandwidth efficiency. In addition, the DCS-3410 supports 3 separate profiles at the same time: web viewing (CIF and MPEG-4), 3G mobile viewing (QCIF and MPEG-4), and recording (D1 and MJPEG). This kind of versatility enables a wide variety of security applications, whether it’s keeping an eye on the office during lunch through a 3G enabled PDA, managing an organized directory of recorded video files on a network attached storage (NAS) device, or fine-tuning a security system in real time over the local network.

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