3-port USB Hub
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Expand Your PC's USB Connectivity

The D-Link DU-H3SP is a Universal Serial Bus USB Hub with 3 USB ports, 1 parallel printer port, and 1 serial port. It allows a user to connect up to three USB peripherals or devices, a parallel printer, and a serial device to their USB ready Windows 98 PC. The DU-H3SP is targeted at Windows 98 users that are expanding the number of USB ports on their systems and need to connect a printer and serial device.

Add an Additional Parallel and Serial Port

The DU-H3SP provides expanded interface capabilities and peripheral access. It has three type 'A' downstream ports for connecting peripherals with USB support, other USB hubs and devices. A single type "B" upstream port is provided for connecting to the host computer, or another USB hub. A parallel port is provided for attachment of a parallel printer. An additional serial port is provided for connection of a modem, mouse, ISDN TA, Digital Camera, Serial Printer, Bar Code scanner/printer or label printer.

Broad Support and Standards Compliant

As a standard compliant USB hub, the DU-H3SP buffers USB data from any attached peripherals or devices in strict adherence with USB Specification version 1.1 to provide an invisible extension of the USB bus. Supporting both low speed 1.5Mb/s devices and high speed 12 Mb/s devices, each port creates a bridge between the peripheral and host computer. The serial port works by creating a virtual serial port. The parallel port is restricted to use with a Windows 98 supported printer.

Feature Rich and Flexible

Power for the DU-H3SP can be provided directly from the USB bus for connection of up to three low-powered USB devices. In self-powered mode, the DU-H3SP can support up to three high-powered USB devices or up to three downstream bus-powered USB hubs. Diagnostic LED's are mounted on the top of the device to provide the user with power and port status. The DU-H3SP is packaged with all necessary manuals, a 6-foot USB 'A' to 'B' cable, a driver diskette, and a DC power supply.


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