Wireless USB Bluetooth Adapter
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D-Link, the industry pioneer in wireless networking, introduces another performance breakthrough in wireless connectivity - the D-Link PersonalAirTM series of Bluetooth enabled networking products capable of data transfer among devices such as PDAs, printers, cellular phones, computers, and other emerging electronic devices.

The D-Link PersonalAirTM DBT-122 is a versatile Bluetooth adapter for Windows-based PCs. Low-power and low-cost, this adapter simply plugs to any USB port on your computer to deliver wireless Personal Area Network connection for your computer. Very compact and lightweight, this adapter, about half the size of your finger, lets you easily talk and send data/images wirelessly to your PDAs, mobile phones, printers, laptop computers and other emerging electronic devices.

Adhering to Bluetooth 1.2 standard, the DBT-122 supports wireless data transfers of 723Kbps at ranges up to 10 metres*. This capability allows you to establish an automatic wireless connection at a decent speed within a convenient range between your computer and your PDA, mobile phone and other devices.

As a new technology for wireless connectivity, the DBT- 122 lets you connect to a wide variety of devices without long cables trailing all over the place. Using a radio-based link with integrated antenna, the DBT-122 connects different devices together, giving you more freedom to roam.

Security is an issue when data is transmitted without the wires. In the air, transmitted data can be easily intercepted if not well protected by a security scheme. The DBT-122 provides the necessary security, using the enhanced 128-bit data encryption on any Bluetooth communication.

The DBT-122 plug-and-play feature makes installation on your computer simple and easy. With Bluetooth software provided and easy-to-understand instructions, this adapter lets you experience true wireless connectivity and enhanced compatibility with Bluetooth enabled devices.

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