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Mini PowerLine AV 500 Adapter
Mini PowerLine AV 500 Adapter DHP-308AV HomePlug AV compliant and uses the existing home electrical wiring to create a network or extend an existing network. 1 This adapter is connected to a power outlet allows you to access digital media devices, game consoles, print servers , computers and network storage devices throughout your home. Organize sharing an Internet connection in the classroom, to the video game console in the break room or connect two computers in different rooms without the need for additional wiring.
Easy installation and safety
DHP-308AV plugs directly into a power outlet and does not require any additional cables. Thus, using any power outlet in the house, you can instantly create a network. Expand your home network by connecting multiple devices from the most distant points of the house. Organize share an Internet connection using a media center in the living room or connect computers in different rooms to share files without running new cabling. For ease of installation encryption key can be quickly configured with the click of a button. The adapter supports 128-bit AES encryption to protect your network from unauthorized connection to the line and to ensure safe operation of the network.
PowerLine AV 500 technology for applications that require high bandwidth
Technology PowerLine AV 500 provides data at a higher speed compared to conventional devices PowerLine AV. 2 This makes it an ideal solution for applications that require high bandwidth, which guarantee streaming HD video, VoIP-telephony work and gaming online without delays. Create a network for Internet and file sharing using existing home wiring.
Quality of Service (QoS)
QoS mechanism analyzes and separates the traffic DHP-308AV into multiple data streams. This provides HD video streaming, IP-TV work (IPTV) and online gaming without delay, since the priority is given to data streams automatically, the most demanding quality of service.
Starter kit PowerLine AV 500 DHP-309AV
DHP-308AV adapter is also available in the kit, which provides a turnkey solution PowerLine. Starter kit PowerLine AV 500 DHP-309AV includes two mini-adapter DHP-308AV, allowing to create a home network PowerLine.
1 power outlets and electrical wiring must be part of the same electrical system. Some conditions, such as laying electrical wiring, may affect product performance. To add new devices to the network requires additional adapters D-Link PowerLine AV. To create a network requires at least two adapters D-Link PowerLine AV. Connecting this product to a power strip with a surge protector may adversely affect the performance of the product. For best results, connect the adapter directly into a power outlet.
2 Products PowerLine AV 500 are equipped with more powerful CPU than providing a data rate of 200 Mbit / s products PowerLine AV, to increase performance and network coverage. Maximum throughput based on theoretical transmission PHY rate data. Actual data throughput will vary. The conditions under which the network operates, as well as environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, and network overhead, lower actual throughput. Interference from devices that produce electrical noise, such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers can reduce the performance of the product. This product may interfere with and hinder the work of devices such as lighting system with dimmer switch or a touch key on / off, short-wave radio devices or other devices PowerLine, not compliant with HomePlug AV.
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