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CompactFlash Card Type I for PDAs

Network Industry Standard Compliance
Compatible With Wide Range of Pocket PCs Complying with IEEE 802.11b industry standard, the DCF-660W operates at the 2.4GHz frequency range and interoperates with all IEEE 802.11b equipment. Ethernet-based network access from your PDA is also possible through IEEE 802.11b Access Points.

Compatible With Wide Range of Pocket PCs
Designed as a Type I CompactFlash, the DCF-660W plugs into any pocket or handheld PC equipped with a Type I slim expansion slot, or a Type II expansion slot. The DCF-660W has been tested to operate with a long list of PDAs, including Compaq IPAQ series, Casio pocket PCs, HP Jornada, Sharp Telios and Intel Pentium/X86 pocket PCs.

Network Security
PCMCIA Converter to Work With Notebook PCs Security is an issue when data is transmitted without the wires. In the air, transmitted data can be easily intercepted if not well protected by a security scheme. The DCF-660W provides the necessary security, using the industry-standard 64/128-bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption protocol. Data privacy mechanism is based on a shared key
algorithm, as described in the wireless LAN standards.

PCMCIA Converter to Work With Notebook PCs
A kit that includes a PCMCIA converter is available to allow you to plug the DCF-660W to a notebook PC to connect it to a wireless LAN. With this, your CompactFlash card works not only with your pocket PC but also with you notebook and laptop computer. Drivers for Windows XP , ME, 2000 and 98 are provided.

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