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802.11b+ Enterprise Wireless Access Point

Built-in Bridge and Repeater Functions
The DWL-1040AP+ can be configured to operate in any one of the 5 modes: (1) as a wireless access point, (2) a point-to-point bridge with another access point, (3) a point-to-multi-point wireless bridge, (4) a wireless client, or (5) a wireless repeater. With the built-in bridge and repeater functions, the DWL-1040AP+ gives you the flexibility to configure the device to meet your environment's requirements.

Advanced Features
In access point mode, the DWL-1040AP+ offers a load-balancing feature that maximizes the wireless bandwidth available to wireless clients by sharing the load within a group of access points. Additionally, the DWL-1040AP+ provides a redundancy feature to allow it to be configured to backup a primary access point. These advanced features makes the DWL-1040AP+ an ideal solution for hotspot deployments and creating/extending wireless local networks in offices or other workplaces.

Range Extension
With its repeater mode, the DWL-1040AP+ extends the range of your wireless LAN network with interoperation with D-Link AirPlus DWL-900AP+, DI-614+, DI-714P+, AirPro DI-764 and DI-754 (with inserted DWL-650+).

Enhanced Speed Transmission
At 22Mbps, the DWL-1040AP+ delivers high data transfer rate within the industry standard. This speed is double the 11Mbps normally found in other 2.4GHz wireless LAN Access Points.

Industry-standard Interoperability
The DWL-1040AP+ delivers speeds without compromising compatibility. With both WiFi  and IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN industry standard compliance, the DWL-1040AP+ provides you with excellent network interoperability.

Network Security
The DWL-1040AP+ provides the necessary security, using the enhanced 64/128/256-bit industry-standard WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption protocol. Data privacy mechanism is based on a shared key algorithm, as described in the wireless LAN standard. The DWL-1040AP+ supports 802.1x authentication for protection against network intrusion. Used in conjunction with a RADIUS server, this function provides a means to verify the identity of the client before an access to the network is granted.

Embedded DHCP Server
The DWL-1040AP+ includes an embedded DHCP server that once enabled will automatically assign IP addresses to wireless clients. This unique feature makes the DWL-2000AP an ideal solution for quickly creating and extending a wireless local area network (WLAN) in offices or other workplaces, and at trade shows and other special events.

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