IEEE 802.11b 11Mbps Wireless LAN 6dBi Gain Patch Antenna
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The DWL-R60AT is a 6dBi Gain Patch Antenna designed for installation on IEEE 802.1 1b 11Mbps wir eless LAN devices equipped with reverse SMA antenna connectors. Equipped with a high Gain, this Patch Antenna is designed to significantly improve the transmission and reception range of the wir eless LAN devices. If your wireless LAN device has antennas of lower Gain, you can replace the antenna on your device with this one to get a better operating range.

To install the antenna, you simply plug it into the reverse SMA connector of the device. D-Link devices that can deploy this antenna include the wireless LAN Access Points (such as the DWL-1000AP and DWL-900AP), Bridges (DWL-1500), Gateway Routers (DI-714 and DI-713P), and adapters (DWL-520). To ensur e better performance, both the transmission end and the reception end should use antennas of 6dBi Gain or equivalent.

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