Outdoor 15 dBi Omni-Directional Antenna
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The D-Link ANT24-1500 connects to the DWL-900AP+, DI-714, DI-713P, DWL-2000AP, DWL-1700AP AND DWL-1750.

The D-Link ANT24-1500 antenna provides extended coverage for an existing 802.11b/g wireless local area network (WLAN*). The D-Link ANT24-1500 with a conversion cable that allows connection directly to the DWL-900AP+ wireless router, DWL-900AP+ wireless access point, DI-614+ wireless router, DI-714P+ wireless router, DWL-900AP wireless access point, DI-714 wireless router and the DI-713P wireless router Rev C1 or later wireless broadband router.

The D-Link ANT24-1500 requires an access point or wireless broadband gateways with a reverse SMA connector. The D-Link ANT24-1500 includes a conversion cable that allows connection directly to the supported D-Link wireless access points and routers.


* Use of this antenna may require FCC approval

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