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Enhanced 2.4GHz (802.11b) Wireless Access Point

Range Extension
The DWL-900AP+ Access Point connects the wireless LAN nodes (workstations, print servers, etc.) together via a 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b wireless interface. It listens to all data traffic on all its interface and maintains a MAC address database. MAC address information is updated dynamically. When necessary , the DWL-900AP+ the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) to match IP addresses to MAC addresses and stores ARP information in its database as well.

Access Control
Through an Access Control List that contains the MAC address of every wireless device, you can set up filters to prevent unauthorized access to network resources.

Efficiency Improvement
The DWL-900AP+ can discriminate based on the destination address of packets it handles by maintaining a list of disallowed destinations. This helps improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary transmission of data packets.

Ehanced Speed Transmission
At 22Mbps, the DWL-900AP+ delivers high data transfer rate within the industry standard. This speed is double the 11Mbps normally found in other 2.4GHz wireless LAN Access Points.

Industry-standard Interoperability
The DWL-900AP+ delivers speeds without compromising compatibility. With both WiFi  certification and IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN industry standard compliance, the DWL-900AP+ provides you with excellent network interoperability.

Network Security
Security is an issue when data is transmitted without the wires. In the air, transmitted data can be easily intercepted if not well protected by a security scheme. The DWL-900AP+ provides the necessary security, using the enhanced 64/128/256-bit industry-standard WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption protocol. Data privacy mechanism is based on a shared key algorithm, as described in the wireless LAN standard.

Built-in DHCP Server
DHCP server function is built into this Access Point that automatically assign IP addresses to connected wireless nodes. This eliminates for you the need to install a separate DHCP server on the network.

Detachable Antenna
The DWL-900AP+ is equipped with an SMA reverse detachable dipole antenna with an effective range of 100 meters indoors, or 400 meters outdoors. Where a longer range is required, you can easily remove this antenna and replace it with a higher Gain antenna.

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