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Wireless Aware Smart Switching

D-Link’s Wireless Aware Smart Switching is an inexpensive-to-own, easy-to-use solution designed to let small businesses deploy a company-wide wireless network with reliable connectivity and enhanced security. Easy to install, manage and expand, it offers a cost-effective alternative to the more complex wireless switch controller solutions used by enterprises, while providing businesses with the fexibility and
beneft of wired/wireless network convergence.

Centrally Managed/Easily Expandable Wireless Network
A basic Wireless Aware Smart Switching system consists of one switch (a DES-1228P PoE Smart Switch) and up to 24 wireless access points (the DWL-3140AP Wireless 108G Web Smart Thin AP with PoE) directly connected to the switch, and management software called Smart WLAN Manager. The DES-1228P switch acts as the core unit that manages the 24 outlying units (the DWL-3140AP access points). Wireless access points can be scattered around a network site closed to users, while the switch can be placed in a centralized equipment room. Switches and access points can be gradually added to the network site as the number of wireless users grows. This scalable expansion provides businesses with the ability to gradually add network capacity on a per-need basis.

Simplifed Confguration/Management
The system provides quick discovery of switches and APs, an AP mapping utility, full-time AP status controls and the ability to maintain all AP traffc history and generate reports with statistical diagrams. Confguring and managing the wireless access points is through a Windows-based utility called Smart WLAN Manager running on a PC connected to the network. This utility provides self-discovery of all Smart switches connected to the network. It lists them and the access points connected to each switch on the PC screen. From here, the network administrator can monitor all AP and wireless client status in the same integrated graphic interface.

To simplify confguration and frmware upgrade, Smart WLAN Manager allows administrators to apply profles containing wireless and security settings, and frmware upload to a group of AP, dispensing them of the need to repeat the same process for each individual AP. It also allows backup and restoration of the wireless network database on the PC.

Topology View
An offce or factory foor plan can be uploaded to the Topology View, and switch and AP icons can be placed on the Topology View Map, so the locations of the managing and wireless devices can be seen on the PC screen. Administrators can click on an icon to confgure and view the device. If and when an AP is down, they can instantly locate the failed device and replace it with a new one.

AP Load Balancing
SSID can be set for access points for user access, security and roaming purposes. Smart WLAN Manager allows access points with identical SSID to be grouped together for load balancing to share traffc load. Each AP within the group will limit its access to a specifc number of users, thereby guaranteeing a minimum bandwidth for each client. AP load balancing eliminates traffc bottlenecks in case of any sudden surge in the number of concurrent wireless connection at peak usage time. Combining this function with the access points’ 108Mbps Turbo mode throughput, the system ensures a signifcant improvement of overall wireless network performance.

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