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G.SHDSL Router with built-in G.SHDSL modem (Annex A, B), 10/100BASE-TX LAN port

The DSL-1500G G.SHDSL router customer premises equipment (CPE) provides small offices and telecommuters the features and speed they need for bandwidth-demanding applications. It also gives service providers a platform that allows them to offer high-margin, value-added business services while helping them reduce the cost of deployment and services.

Higher Speed & Longer Distance Coverage
The DSL-1500G router's embedded G.SHDSL is the latest version of DSL technology. It provides your business a symmetrical service for bandwidth-intensive applications. G.SHDSL can support speeds both upstream and downstream of up to 2.3 Mbps, compared to 2.0Mbps for SDSL. It can also be deployed nearly twice as far from the central office (CO) than SDSL, which is limited to a maximum distance of 5,400 meters (18,000 feet).

Multi-Vendor Equipment Deployment Capability
G.SHDSL multi-rate DSL combines the best of SDSL and HDSL2, it's aimed at users of DSL for voice, data and Internet access services. It's a global standard (G.991.2) developed by the International Telecommunications Union's (ITU) Telecommunications Standards Sector based in Geneva. By contrast, SDSL, the current DSL service of choice for business applications, is hardly recognized outside North America. With a widely adopted standard, G.SHDSL makes it possible for telecom and ISPs to achieve cost reduction and interoperability by deploying equipment across vendor boundaries.

Cost-saving Internet Functions
The DSL-1500G router is ideal for small offices or home offices and saves you the cost by allowing your office users to share a single G.SHDSL line and a single IP address/ISP account. This router's built-in DHCP server automatically assigns IP address for all office users, simplifying everybody's logon operation.

Firewall Security
With the always-on connection that G.SHDSL provides, network security is essential. The DSL-1500G router's basic NAT firewall protects your office computers from attacks from the Internet. NAT provides security by allowing users to hide behind a single public IP address, keeping your PCs behind the router concealed from public view.

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