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VDSL2 24Port standalone DSLAM
6-way high-speed VDSL2 IPDSLAM DAS-3626 Series provides high-speed connectivity to the Internet for home and home office users. Designed for deployments in offices, hospitals, factories and offices, the central data unit CO (central office) provide access to VDSL-end devices (consumer premise equipment), such as remote bridges users (modems). The switch can be connected to the optical network provider using an optical interface Gigabit Ethernet. Thus, DAS-3626 provides connectivity for the "last mile" to the high-speed line and broadband users working in business centers. DAS-3626 is the ideal solution for service providers, providing high-speed Internet access, multimedia services and IP-telephony. High-speed Internet access. IPDSLAM DAS-3626 provide telecommunications service providers 6-band technology, VDSL, meeting the growing demand for services and providing higher speed broadband connections over copper pair. DAS-3626 supports both symmetric and asymmetric applications and enables the deployment of networks at home and in the enterprise. 24-port VDSL ports and 2 Gigabit Uplink. 24 ports of DAS-3626 supports Ethernet over VDSL (EoVDSL). IPDSLAM equipped with 2 Combo 1000BASE-T Gigabit / SFP to connect to a fiber backbone. Automatic connection and IP-telephony. When you turn IPDSLAM DAS-3626 will automatically VDSL-modem connection on the client side. There is no need to re-configure the system. IPDSLAM DAS-3626 VDSL-equipped ports with integrated splitters, the use of which frees system integrators from having to install additional splitters on phone lines. This greatly simplifies the provision of services providers data / voice (including telephone, fax and ISDN) to end-users through a single telephone line. Continuous provision of standard telephone guaranteed even in case of power failure IPDSLAM or hardware failure. A complete solution FTTH / FTTB. IPDSLAM VDSL2 DAS-3626, along with other IPDSLAM, modems and routers, VDSL, is part of a complete solution D-Link «Optics in the house / building." Using this solution provides a number of advantages over the use of technology VDSL-over-Ethernet.
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