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3G/ADSL/Ethernet router with Wi-Fi

DSL-2650U/NRU/C - is a versatile 3G/ADSL/Ethernet router with Wi-Fi and built-in switch. The router allows you to connect to the Internet via 3G GSM network (using a 3G GSM modem 1.2 ). In addition, the device allows you to access the Internet or using ADSL and Ethernet technologies.

The router has one ADSL port for ADSL line connection and 4 Ethernet ports to connect job. Therefore DSL-2650U/NRU/C is cost effective solution to a wired network without the need for a separate switch purchase. In addition, any device Ethernet port to use a router to connect to a separate Ethernet line. The device even has a USB port which can be connected to the USB modem, printer or data collector.

The router works with 802.11n 3 standard wireless devices and is compatible with 802.11b / g standard equipment. DSL-2650U/NRU/C supports supports security standards WEP, WPA/WPA2, carry-enabled devices MAC address filtering, and allows you to use WPS technology. DSL-2650U/NRU/C has an integrated firewall. Enhanced security features reduce hackers hacking into the network and enables the possibility to restrict access to some web pages of your local network users. Device deployment and management is simple and user-friendly Web user interface (supports Russian and English languages).

1 USB modem with the device is sold. D-Link does not guarantee compatibility with all USB modems. List of supported USB modems available on our website .

2 For information on prices and services operating range please contact your operator.

3 Maximum wireless connection speed is limited to 65 Mbps.

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