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Router ADSL2 / 2 + c USB and Ethernet ports
DSL-2520U - is an affordable high-performance ADSL-router for the small office and home networks. It allows you to quickly and easily get broadband access to the Internet and organize the sharing of the communication channel among multiple users.
DSL-2520U provides all the essentials for a safe, high-speed wireless network: support for standards ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2 +, support for the standard Fast Ethernet, built-in firewall, ensure quality data (QoS), as well as many additional features.
ADSL-router has a port for connecting to ADSL-line and Ethernet-port, which can be used to connect a single computer or switch. The device also has a USB-port for connection of a single computer.
Router DSL-2520U has a built-in firewall. Advanced security features minimize threats of hackers and prevent intrusions to your network and access to unwanted websites for users on your local network.
To manage and configure DSL-2520U uses a simple and user-friendly web-based interface (available in several languages).
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