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192-Port IP DSLAM

The DAS-4192 system is the IP-DSLAM most suitable for Internet Service Providers with access network such as hotels, motels, multi-tenant apartment/multi-tenant commercial buildings, student dorms, campuses, and local loops. The DAS-4192 can accommodate up to 4 line cards. With the high bandwidth flexible backplane design, the system combines variety technologies to meet with various kinds of market requirements.

The DAS-4192 IP-DSLAM also provides the Gigabit Ethernet network control cards with network management for the end-to-end operation, network administration, maintenance, and provisioning of the xDSL access concentration. Apair of redundant power supply modules especially designed for the DAS-4192 enables operation directly from AC power source or -48VDC. The wide AC voltage operating range supports worldwide operation.

The DAS-4192 IP-DSLAM is an extremely cost-effective application delivery solution ideal for numerous network topologies. It enables traditional services including email, Internet access, file transfer, and VoIP telephony. It provides an ideal platform for launching new IPbased services and application bundles. Triple play service delivery, combining a variety of video and entertainment services with broadband access and IP voice becomes possible in an all-IP deployment scenario based on the IP-DSLAM, this latest generation IP-DSLAM. It represents a strategic investment in application delivery today and well into the future.

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