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10/100BASE-TX Twisted Pair to 100BASE-FX Single-mode fiber (20 km, SC) Media Converter Module

This media converter combines transmit and receive signals onto one fiber strand using two wavelengths. This design avoids the budget losses incurred by the single-wavelength single-fiber technology, and minimizes the possibility of reflections in the system. The units on both ends of a link are different. One module uses one wavelength to transmit and a second wavelength to receive, while the other module flips that relationship. For this reason these units are used in pairs.

A pair of one-channel single fiber is used for media conversion between 10/100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX.

Two differ ent transmitting wavelengths, one wavelength with bi-directional for both transmit and receive.

- DMC-920R: This media converter provides 1310 micron for TX, 1550 micron for RX.
- DMC-920T: This media converter provides 1550 micron for TX, 1310 micron for RX.

Fiber cable support is 9/125um, 10/125um single-mode fiber , maximum 20 km cable distance.

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