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Portable wireless router with 802.11g 3.75G networks HSUPA, up to 54 Mbit / s
Creating a mobile wireless network
Router D-Link myPocket 3.75G HSUPA networks, users can access anywhere you have mobile broadband network. Once connected, users can transfer data and streaming media content. To do this, simply insert the SIM-card UMTS / HSUPA and get access to 3.75G Internet connection through a secure 802.11g wireless network. 
DIR-457U can be configured as a Wi-Fi router or 3.75G modem with the switch. Share 3.75G connectivity with your colleagues or family while traveling or working. Connect the router to the computer for personal access to the Internet.
Advanced Wireless Security
Protocol support for WPA/WPA2 encryption ensures wireless security. DIR-457U includes a built-in firewall to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet.
Easy to install and use
Router D-Link myPocket 3.75G HSUPA networks can be quickly and easily installed anywhere. DIR-457U is an ideal solution for situations where a wireless network is to be installed, or wherever conventional network access is not. 
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