Internet Server with Built-in Hub Ports
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Share ISP Account
With a single ISP account, your entire network can logon to the Internet. The device’s built-in DHCP server function and network address translator (NAT) automatically create and assign IP addresses for all network users, simplifying users’ logon operation while saving you the cost of keeping individual ISP accounts.

Share Modem/ISDN TA
Through a single modem, your entire network can access the Internet. Modem sharing eliminates the need for a separate modem, phone line and phone charge for each individual user. Alternatively, instead of modems, ISDN TAs can also be shared in a high-speed 128Kbps Internet connection configuration.

Double Internet Bandwidth
With 2 WAN ports, you can double the Internet bandwidth for your network when needed by connecting modems or ISDN TAs to both ports. To prevent bottlenecks, users can be evenly assigned to
individual WAN ports, or allowed to access both ports dynamically.

Schedule Dial-out Time
Dial-out scheduling provides you with a means to control acess to the Internet. You can control when to connect your network to the Internet, and when to disconnect it. Dial-out pre-scheduling can be
made for individual WAN ports.

Save Phone Charge With Dial-on-Demand
The dial-on-demand function saves you the phone charge by automatically establishing a line connection when there is traffic and hanging it up when there is no traffic. Line disconnection and re-connection is done completely without your need to intervene.

Save Cost with 11 Built-in Hub Ports
The device comes with 11 built-in hub ports, all ready for users to plug in and logon to the Internet. This saves you both the cost of purchasing a separate hub and the trouble of installing it. The device even provides a BNC interface for coaxial cable compatibility, and an MDI uplink to let you easily add more hub ports to expand.

Control Users’ Access to Internet
Using the IS Manager Server software, you can draw up a list of users allowed to access the Internet, then monitor their activities. You can also block access to certain web sites by setting up destination and protocol filters. These and other functions allow you complete control of your workgroup’s Internet access.

E-Mail on the LAN and Beyond
This device comes with IS Mail Server software, allowing you to set up a mail server on your network. IS Mail Server sends/receives mail within your workgroup, it also sends/receives mail between your workgroup and outside users via the Internet. IS Mail Server is simple to use and you don’t have to purchase separate (and expensive) e-mail software and install it.

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