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VoIP Phone Adapter with 2 Ports FXS, 1 port WAN 10/100Base-TX, 1-port LAN 10/100Base-TX

Making calls over the Internet for home and small office
Telephone Adapter DVG-5112S allows connection to cable / DSL-modem connection to make inexpensive Internet phone calls. This device combines the advantages of modern technology, Voice over IP with advanced communication features. Thanks to the port of FXS, a DVG-5112S can be connected to an ordinary telephone, to let you make calls over the Internet.

High quality voice
DVG-5112S supports QoS, which ensures the quality of transmission and reception of voice, similar to using a regular telephone line. In addition, this phone adapter supports many useful features, including call transfer, caller ID display, a three-way conference, phone book, speed dialing, hot line. Make it convenient to dial out or answer phone calls.

Sharing the Internet
DVG-5112S is equipped with a built-in router that lets you view Web-pages, watch videos or play games online at the same time make phone calls. To do this, connect your PC to the LAN of this VoIP phone or a few computers to the LAN through a switch Ethernet. This device supports priority queues for traffic and video games online with high quality.

Integrated Safety and Security
DVG-5112S supports the option to Voice VLAN, which allows you to isolate and secure voice traffic transmitted over the Internet. Also supported in NAT firewall to protect against intruders on the Internet. In order to access control, packet filtering is a user based on port or IP-address. This option allows parental controls to block unwanted Web-sites and establish a schedule for work on the Internet.

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