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Router with 2 x FXS, 1 port WAN 10/100Base-TX, 1-port PSTN (LifeLine), 4 LAN 10/100Base-TX ports and 1 USB-port (optional)

Wireless VoIP-Router DVG-N5402SP used to connect analog phones or fax machines to IP-based networks. The router reduces the cost of long distance calls, and provides high-quality voice communication in IP-based networks. DVG-N5402SP equipped with a 2-port FXS (Foreign Exchange Subscriber) and 4-port LAN. The router is designed for networking for home and small office. Integrated DHCP-server/klient and NAT (Network Address Translation) provides automatic assignment of IP-addresses for the users LAN, allowing multiple users to share access to the Internet. DVG-N5402SP supports the prioritization of voice traffic for optimum Quality of Service (QoS).

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