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Key Expansion Module for DPH-400S/SE, DPH-400S/E/F3, DPH-400SE/E/F3, DPH-150S/F3 and DPH-150SE/F3
External extension DPH-400EDM is designed to connect to an IP-phone DPH-400S/SE, DPH-400S/E/F3, DPH-400SE/E/F3, DPH-150S/F3 and DPH-150SE/F3. Each module has 26 physical keys. Each button module can be programmed for a specific function, such as voice mail, call forwarding function "do not disturb", etc. Also for them to appoint a selection of lines, when you press the button is engaged in one of the SIP lines. Power supply of the DPH-400EDM can be carried out directly with the IP-phones (up to 2 modules), to which they are connected.
The use of expansion modules DPH-400EDM allows the use of IP-Phones for small businesses, call centers, where the control and management of a large number of calls
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