Router with 2 x FXS, 1-port PSTN (lifeline), 1-port WAN 10/100Base-TX, 4-port LAN 10/100Base-TX
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The D-Link DVG-5402SP VoIP Router allows you to take advantage of your DSL/cable modem connection to make inexpensive Internet phone calls. It combines the industry’s latest Voice over the IP network technology with advanced communication features, and is compatible with industry-wise phone service. This VoIP Router connects you to up to two ordinary phone sets to let you make phone calls. Router connects you to up to two ordinary phone sets to let you make phone calls.  connects you to up to two ordinary phone sets to let you make phone calls.

The DVG-5402SP incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure that voice received through the Internet is the same as or even surpasses that received on the ordinary phone. It supports many useful functions such as call transfer, caller ID display, 3-way conference, phone book, speed dialing and hot lines to make it convenient to dial out or answer phone calls.

The DVG-5402SP supports voice VLAN to isolate your voice communication so it cannot be tapped over the network. It provides a lifeline phone port to relay your incoming and outgoing phone calls to PSTN in case when a power down occurs. This guarantees that your phone connection will always be available.

The DVG-5402SP provides a convenient router function to permit multiple computers to share an Internet broadband line. With four integrated Ethernet ports, four computers can connect to the DVG-5402SP and use its built-in NAT/DHCP server functions to log on to the Internet.

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Device Interfaces
• 2 FXS ports with RJ-11 and the definition of polarity reversal
• 1 FXO port with RJ-11 and the support functions of lifeline
• 1-port WAN 10/100Base-TX with RJ-45 auto-sensing MDI / MDIX cross
• 4-port LAN 10/100Base-TX with RJ-45 auto-sensing MDI / MDIX cross

Main functions of SIP
• Individual account for each port or general account for all ports
• Determination of caller ID (Caller ID)
• Direct call IP-to-IP without SIP Proxy
• Numbering Plan (Digit Map) and Phone Book
• Dialing E.164 (with an exclusion rule ENUM)
• Hot Line, Warm Line
• Setting up an interactive telephone answering (IVR)
• Message Waiting Indication (subscription)
• Visual message waiting indication (subscription)
• Music on Hold
• Outbound Proxy
• Trilateral Conference (mode Ad Hoc, media server required)
• Main function of calls:
    Blocking of anonymous calls
    Blocking and filtering of calls to the IP-address of the caller
    Call forwarding (busy, no answer, unconditional)
    Call history (status calls)
    Call Hold
    Transferring a call to a fixed number (Call park) and the removal of the call off hold (Call Retrieve) (Support Proxy)
    Transferring a call (support Proxy)
    Call Waiting
    The name of the caller and the call (FSK)
    The "Do Not Disturb» (Do not disturb)
    Blocking on Caller ID

Voice Features
• Adjustable jitter-buffer
• Echo
• Automatic detection and switching of voice / fax / data
• Auto Gain Control (AGC)
• Codecs: G.711μ/A-law, G.729A/B/AB, G.723 (6.3/5.3Kbit/s), G.726
• Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
• DTMF detection and generation
• In-band or Out of band DTMF event
• Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
• Supports voice / fax / modem (up to 33.6Kbit / s) over IP
• T.30 fax bypass thought G.711
• T.38 real time FAX up 14.4Kbit / s
• Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
• Detection and generation of caller ID (Caller ID): DTMF, FSK-BellCore, FSK-ETSI

Configuration / Management
• Automatic Provisioning (except options TR069/TR104)
• Web-based management user
• User interface TELNET
• Saving and restoring the configuration file through the Web-based interface
• Call history (received, missed, blocked calls)
• Call Detail Record (CDR)
• Time synchronization in accordance with NTP (the default NTP-server D-Link)
• Password protection (Web-interface and TELNET)
• Ping Test
• Reset to Factory
• SNMPv2 (except options TR069/TR104)
• Static routes and default routes
• System status
• TFTP / FTP / HTTP-client for software upgrade
• Client Support TR069/TR104 (optional)

• Client Big Pond
• DHCP-client
• PPPoE Authentication via PAP / CHAP
• PPTP-client
• Static IP-address

Quality of Service (QOS)
• DiffServ (DSCP) or ToS IP Precedence tagging (WAN)
• Speed limit on the LAN port
• Speed limit on Port WAN (in increments of 64Kb / s)
• A priority queue WAN-port: first RTP
• 802.1Q and 802.1P Tagging (1 VID for VoIP-traffic, 1 VID for LAN-traffic)

• STUN-Client
• DDNS-client
• Specifying a port range for SIP and RTP
• Static route

• Built-in firewall
• Filtering IP-addresses
• Filtering based on port
• Filtering based on MAC-address
• Virtual Server
• Protection against attacks Denial of Service (DoS)
• MD5 authentication for SIP
• Two privilege levels: Administrator and User
• VPN Pass-through with Multiple Sessions (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP)

• Power
• Provision / Alarm
• Register
• WAN Link / Activity
• LAN Link / Activity (for 4 ports)
• Phone (for 2 ports)
• Line



• Input through external power adapter 100-240V, 50-60 Hz AC 1A
• Output: 12V DC 1A

• 193 mm x 118 mm x 31 mm

Operating temperature
• From -10 ˚ to 40 ˚ C

Storage temperature
• From -20 ˚ to 60 ˚ C

Operating Humidity
• From 10% to 90%, noncondensing

Relative Humidity
• 5% to 95%, noncondensing

• FCC Part 68
• CE TBR-21

Electromagnetic safety
• FCC Class B
• CE TBR21


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