Hallatav 2+ kihi xStack seeria kommutaator, 20 x 10/100/1000Base-T porti + 4 x 1000Base-T/Mini GBIC (SFP) kombo porti + 2 laienduspesa
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  • The xStack DGS-3426 next generation switch delivers performance, flexibility, security, multi-layer Quality of Service (QoS) and redundant power option for the SMB and enterprises. With high Gigabit port densities for desktop connections, SFP fibre connectivity, 10-Gigabit uplink options and enhanced Layer 2+ functions, this switch comprises the workgroup access-layer stack for seamless integration with L3 core switches to form part of a multilevel network structured with high-speed backbone and centralized servers.

    The DGS-3426 can operate as a stand-alone device or part of a scalable stack. Embedded with Single IP Management capability, a stand-alone switch can form part of a virtual stack, where intra-stack traffic flows through the usual network wires, doing away with the costly stacking cables. Without stacking cables, cable distance barriers and physical stacking limitations, a virtual stack can comprise units that are located anywhere on the network that minimizes the impact of any single point of failure.

    Alternatively, optional 10-Gigabit modules can be installed in the open slots to create a physical stack. Up to 12 units or 288 Gigabit ports can be configured for a stack.** Users can install one or two single-port modules, depending on whether the fault-tolerant Ring or Star* stacking is implemented. With each of these ports providing 20Gbps full duplex transmission on the cost-effective coaxial cable, the DGS-3426 provides not only high-bandwidth stacking but also cost control capability that allows users to add ports strictly on a per need basis. Modules with single 10-Gigabit XFP can also be installed in any of the open slots for uplink to a server or a fibre backbone.

    The DGS-3426 provides a complete set of security features, which includes L2/L3/L4 multi-layer Access Control Lists and 802.1x user authentication via TACACS+ and RADIUS servers. In addition, it offers suppression capabilities, Layer 3 IP v.4/v.6 Static Routing and IP v.6 Tunnelling* to increase network performance and security. To ensure that not only proper user access is served, but also malicious traffic within the network is prevented, the DGS-3426 includes a Health Check mechanism that provides pro-active network security without the need for manual intervention from the administrator.***

    The DGS-3426 provides extensive VLAN support including GARP/GVRP, 802.1Q and asymmetric VLAN to enhance security and performance. To support converged applications including VoIP, ERP, Intranet and videoconference, a robust set of L2/L3/L4 QoS/CoS features ensures that critical network services are served with proper priority. With Multi-layer L2/L3/L4 bandwidth control and D-Link Safeguard Engine, the DGS-3426 can set limits to traffic flows from the edge of the network while automatically prevents broadcast packets and bulk traffic generated by Internet DoS-related activities from utilizing the switch's CPU resources. This prevention of unnecessary and harmful traffic can increase the overall network serviceability, reliability and availability of the stack.

    Optional 10Gigabit Uplink Modules
    • DEM-410X 1-slot 10Gigabit XFP uplink module
    • DEM-410CX 1-port 10Gigabit CX4 uplink module

    Optional 10Gigabit XFP Transceivers
    • DEM-421XT XFP transceiver for 10GBASE-SR, multimode fiber, max. 300 m, 3.3/5V
    • DEM-422XT XFP transceiver for 10GBASE-LR, single- mode fiber, max. 10 km, 3.3/5V

    Optional SFP Transceivers
    • DEM-310GT SFP transceiver for 1000BASE-LX, single-mode fiber, max. 10 km, 3.3V
    • DEM-311GT SFP transceiver for 1000BASE-SX, multi-mode fiber, max. 550 m, 3.3V
    • DEM-312GT2 SFP transceiver for 1000BASE-SX, multi-mode fiber, max. 2 km, 3.3V

    Optional Redundant Power Supply
    • DPS-500 140-watt redundant power supply
    • DPS-800 2-slot redundant power supply chassis
    • DPS-900 8-slot redundant power supply chassis

    * Star stacking available in future; other functions available in future firmware upgrade.
    ** Calculation based on 12 units of DGS-3426 stacked in the Ring Topology.
    *** Health Check ZoneDefense operates in conjunction with D-Link NetDefend firewalls.
  • Põhiomadused

    - Kiiruse automaatne kooskõlastaminie
    - Polaarsuse automaatne tuvastamine MDI/MDIX
    - Voojuhtimine 802.3x
    - 20 x 10/100/1000BASE-T porti
    - 4 komboporti 1000Base-T/SFP
    - 2 laienduspesa 10Gigabit moodulite jaoks
    - Konsoolport RS-232

    Füüsiline kommutaatorite liitmine 
    - Paigaldatav liitmise moodul: DEM-410CX
    - Liidetavate portide maksimaalne arv: 2 CX4 porti
    - Liitmise kiirus (pordi kohta): 20 Gbit/s (täisdupleks)
    - Liidetud seadmete arv (topoloogia «täht»): 8*
    - Liidetud seadmete arv (topoloogia «ring»): 12

    Lisamoodul 10GE
    - Moodul 1 XFP pesaga (DEM-410X)
    - Moodul 1 CX4 pordiga (DEM-410CX)
    - 10GBASE-SR toetus (300 m, multimood kiudoptika)
    - 10GBASE-LR (10 km, monomood kiudoptika)
    - 10GBASE-ER toetus (40 km, monomood kiudoptika)
    - Maksimaalne paigaldatavate 10GE Uplink-portide arv: 2

    - Kommutaatori tootlikkus: 88 Gbit/s
    - Paketide edastuskiirus: 65,47 Mpps
    - Bufferi suurus: 750 Kbait
    - МАС-aadresiste tabeli suurus: 8 K
    - Staatilise marsruutimise IP v4/v6 tabeli suurus: 128 kirjet
    - L3 (IPv.4) kommutatsiooni tabel: 2 K kirjet
    - L3 (IPv.6) kommutatsiooni tabel: 1 K kirjet

    Taseme funktsioonid 2
    - IGMP Snooping
    - 802.1D Spanning Tree
    - 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
    - 802.1s Multiple STP
    - STP loop back detection funktsioon
    - 802.3ad Link Aggregation: 32 gruppi, 8 porti grupi kohta
    - Portide peegeldamine One-to-One, Мultiple-to-One, ACL mode*
    - Stackide vaheline agregeerimine / portide peegeldamine
    - Head-of-line blocking prevention funktsioon

    - 802.1Q
    - VLAN gruppide maksimaalne arv:
    VLAN 4K (4K staatilist VLAN, 255 dünaamilist VLAN)
    - GVRP
    - Double VLAN funktsioon*
    - Guest VLAN funktsioon*

    3 taseme funktsioon
    - IP v.4/v.6 staatiline marsruutimine: 128 marsruuti
    - IP v.6 tunneldus

    - Läbilaskeriba juhtimine: samm iga pordi kohta 64 Kb/s
    - Läbilaskeriba juhtimine iga voo kohta
    - Toetus 802.1p
    - Järjekordade arv pordi kohta:
    - CoS baseerub:
    kommutaatori pordil
    saatja ja vastuvõtja  МАС-aadressil
    Prioriteetsusel 802.1р
    saatja ja vastuvõtja IP v.4/v.6-aadressil
    IP v.6 liikluse klass
    IP v.6 protokolli märgistus
    TCP/UDP pordi number

    Pääsuloend (ACL)
    - 768 reeglit seadme kohta:
    kommutaatori port
    Prioriteetsus 802.1р
    IP v.4/v.6-aadress
    Protokolli tüüp
    Liikluse klass IP v.6
    Voo märgised IP v.6
    TCP/UDP pordi number
    - ACL aja põhjal
    - CPU interface filtering funktsioon

    - RADIUS autentimine ligipääsu juhtimise jaoks 
    - TACACS+ autentimine ligipääsu juhtimise jaoks
    - SSH v.2
    - SSL v.3
    - Port Security funktsioon: 16 MAC-aadressi pordi kohta
    - Voojuhtimine 802.1x portide põhjal
    - Voojuhtimine 802.1x MAC-аadressite baasil
    - Liikluse segmenteerimine
    - IP-MAC Binding: 500 kirjet seadme kohta
    - Broadband storm: samm 128 paketti/s
    - D-Link Safeguard Engine

    - Single IP Management v1.5
    - Web-liides
    - Käsurealiides CLI
    - Liikluse monitooring veebiliidese kaudu Web GUI
    - Просмотр MAC –адресов через Web-интерфейс
    - Telnet server
    - TFTP klient
    - SНМP v.1
    - SНМP v.2c
    - SНМP v.3
    - SНМP Trap on MAC Notification
    - RMON v.1: 4 gruppi (Statistics, History, Alarms, Events)
    - Bootp/DHCP klient
    - DHCP auto-configuration
    - DHCP Relay Option 82
    - SYSLOG
    - Range kontroll Trap/alarm/log
    - Kahe tarkvara versiooni toetus (Dual Image)
    - Kahe konfiguratsiooni koopiate toetus (Dual Configurations)
    - Protsessori utiliseerimise vaatamine
    - Virtuaalne liides*

    - RFC 1213 MIB-II
    - RFC 1493 Bridge MIB
    - RFC 1907 SНМP v.2 MIB
    - RFC 2819 RMON MIB
    - RFC 2021 RMONv2 MIB
    - RFC 2674 802.1p MIB
    - RFC 2618 RADIUS Authentication Client MIB
    - RFC 2620 RADIUS Accounting Client MIB
    - Private MIB

    Füüsilised parameetrid


    100 kuni 240 V vahelduvvool, 50/60 Hz, sisene toiteallikas

    Tarbitav võimsus (max)
    70,8 W




    40 mm x 40 mm DC jahuti x 2

    441 x 389 x 44 mm

    Püstikusse paigaldamine
    19" püstikusse paigaldamine, kõrgus 1U

    Kaal (ilma mooduliteta)
    5,42 kg

    0º kuni 40º С

    -10º kuni 70º С

    10% kuni 90%

    5% kuni 90%

    Elektromagnetiline ühilduvus

    FCC Class A, CE, C-Tick

    CSA International

    * Muutub saadavaks tulevastes versioonides 



    DGS-3426 Hallatav 2+ taseme kommutaator, 20 x 10/100/1000Base-TX porti, 4 kombo porti 1000Base-T/SFP, 2 laienduspesa

    DS-510S võrgujuhtimise tarkvara D-View 5.1 SНМP (standartne versioon)
    DS-510P võrgujuhtimise tarkvara D-View 5.1 SНМP (professionaalne version)

    Lisamoodulid 10GE
     Moodul 1 x 10GE XFP pesaga
    DEM-410CX Moodul 1 x 10GE CX4 pordiga

    Lisa XFP 10GE transiiverid
     Transiiver XFP 10GBASE-SR, MMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 300 m, 3.3/5 V
    DEM-422XT Transiiver XFP 10GBASE-LR, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km, 3.3/5 V
    DEM-423XT Transiiver XFP 10GBASE-ER, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 40 km, 3.3/5 V

    Lisa SFP transiiverid
    SFP 1000BASE-LX transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km,3.3 V
    DEM-311GT SFP 1000BASE-SX transiiver, MMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 550 m, 3.3 V
    DEM-312GT2 SFP 1000BASE-SX transiiver, MMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 2 km, 3.3 V
    DEM-314GT SFP 1000BASE-LH transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 50 km, 3.3 V
    DEM-315GT SFP 1000BASE-LX transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 80 km, 3.3 V
    DEM-330T SFP 1000BASE-LX transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1550 nm, Rx: 1310 nm)
    DEM-330R SFP 1000BASE-LX transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1310 nm, Rx:1550 nm)
    DEM-331T SFP 1000BASE-LX transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 40 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1550 nm, Rx: 1310 nm)
    DEM-331R SFP 1000BASE-LX transiiver, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 40 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1310 nm, Rx:1550 nm)

    Varutoiteallikas 140 W
    DPS-800 Šassii varutoiteallika jaoks 2 pesaga
    DPS-900 Šassii varutoiteallika jaoks 8 pesaga




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