4-Slot Modular Multi-Service Access Router for Branch Office
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Comprehensive Router Functions
Secure Internet, Intranet, and Extranet access with VPN and firewall protection and VLAN support is provided. A complete range of protocols is supported, including X.25, Frame Relay, SLIP , PPP, V.28 and V.35.

Interchangeable WAN interface cards enable easy additions or changes in WAN technologies without a forklift upgrade of the entire platform. Modular data and voice slots enable you to tailor your data and voice services as needed. A very wide range of interface cards are available for selection, including Fast Ethernet, asynchronous serial port, sync/async serial ports, ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI.

All D-Link Multi-Service Access Routers provide extensive security protection, from simple firewall such as ACL and NAT to VPN L2TP , GRE, IPSec and authentication are supported. Other access security functions provided include RADIUS, PAP , CHAP, TACAS+, and PPP callback.

Integrated Voice Over Data Network
You can install voice over data cards in these routers to add values to your existing network. The voice cards reduce your long-distance toll charges by allowing your data network to carry inter-office voice and fax traffic. These cards provide voice communication that works with existing handsets, key units, and PBXs, eliminating for you the need for costly phone-equipment upgrades. They also provides a path to migrate to IP telephones.

Cost-effective solution
The DI-2630 router is designed as a cost-effective solution for a branch office connection to a corporate network. Like other D-Link Multi-Service Access Routers, this router supports a wide range of WAN interfaces. It comes default with 1 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port, 1 console port, 1 auxiliary port, and 4 open slots. The console port is for a local connection. The AUX port can connect to a remote console through an analog modem for management.

The DI-2630's firmware can support all the WAN cards and the voice cards that you select to install in its open slots.


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