D-Link DGE-660TD 32-bit Gigabit Cardbus Notebook Adapter
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The D-Link DGE-660TD Gigabit Cardbus Notebook Adapter equips your notebook computer for lightning fast speeds across your home or office network. Waiting hours for large audio and video file transfers are a thing of the past. The DGE-660TD gives you the power to bring your network up to the next level. With the DGE-660TD Gigabit Cardbus Notebook Adapter you can send and receive data at rates up to 10x faster than a 100Mbps network*. And with Gigabit technology, you have the power of a full-duplex environment. The DGE-660TD is ideal for transferring large files such as pictures, music, video, PowerPoint, Auto-CAD, and more.

The D-Link DGE-660TD 32-bit Gigabit Cardbus Notebook Adapter is PCMCIA compliant, so compatibility with your laptop computer is never a problem. Using your laptop on multiple networks with varying network speeds has never been easier. There is no need to manually configure your card each time you move between your 100Mbs and Gigabit network. The DGE-660TD supports auto-negotiation, and automatically adjusts to the current network speed. This cardbus will run in most Windows environments including Microsoft 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP. Also, the DGE-660TD is Hot-Swappable, so there’s no need to power down your laptop when installing and removing the device. With the included Auto Run CD, installation has never been easier. Bring your laptop into the Gigabit generation with D-Link’s DGE-660TD Gigabit Cardbus Notebook Adapter.

* Speed rate based on IEEE Standard. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental notebook factors may lower actual data throughput rate.


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