VoIP traadita ruuter, 2 FXS porti, 1 WAN 10/100Base-TX port, 1 FXO port (Lifeline), 4 LAN 10/100Base-TX porti, 1 USB-port (valikuline)
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The DVG-N5402SP is designed to carry both voice and facsimile over the IP network and wirelessly share Internet access. It uses the industry standard SIP call control protocol so as to be compatible with free registration services or VoIP service providers’ systems. As a standard user agent, it is compatible with all common Soft Switches and SIP proxy servers. While running optional server software, the VoIP Router can be configured to establish a private VoIP network over the Internet without a third-party SIP Proxy Server. 
The DVG-N5402SP can be seamlessly integrated into an existing network by connecting to a phone set and fax machine. With only a broadband connection such as an ADSL bridge/router, a Cable Modem or a leased-line router, the VoIP Router allows you to use voice and fax services over IP in order to reduce the cost of all long 
distance calls. 
The DVG-N5402SP is also an 802.11b/g/n wireless access point. Allow wireless clients to connect to it and share your broadband Internet connection. A built-in 4-port switch makes it possible to connect up to 4 Ethernet-enabled computers or devices to also share your Internet connection.  
The DVG-N5402SP can be configured a fixed IP address or it can have one dynamically assigned by DHCP or PPPoE. It adopts either the G.711, G.726, G.729A, G.723.1 or iLBC voice compression format to save network bandwidth while providing real-time, toll quality voice transmission and reception.


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