מתג KVM הכולל 16 ערוצים, מסוגל להשתרשר לעד 16 יחידות + 2 כבלים PS2 משולבים למקלדת/עכבר/מוניטור וכבל שרשור
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The D-Link DKVM-16 is a Keyboard, Video and Mouse KVM switch that allows you to control up to 16 server computers using one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It is easy to use, powerful, and scalable. Each DKVM-16 port has a dedicated microprocessor to intelligently manage port traffic and allows simultaneous boot-ups for all attached PCs. The advanced microprocessor technology also saves CAPSLOCK, NUMLOCK, and SCROLL LOCK status for each PC. Two control buttons located on the front panel gives you one touch access to your attached PCs and the user-friendly on-screen display menu allows you to configure your DKVM-16 switch's settings.

 The daisy chain port allows up to 8 DKVM-16 KVM switches to be stacked together for controlling as many as 128 computers. Featuring hot-plug, auto-scan, keyboard hot keys and audible feedback, the DKVM-16 makes it simple to manage all of your server computers.

The DKVM-16 supports VGA, SVGA, and MultiSync monitors at up to 1920 X 1440 resolution. Integrated mouse conversion technology allows older AT type computers with serial mouse ports to be connected to the DKVM-16 using the included serial-to-PS/2 mouse converter. Both AT and PS/2 type keyboards are also supported, and the most popular mice are supported, including Microsoft IntelliMouse and Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer.

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             The number of connected computers

      ·  16
The number of indicators

      ·    3
Connecting your keyboard

      ·   6-pin mini-DIN "Mom"
Connecting the mouse

      ·   6-pin mini-DIN "Mom"
Connection Monitor

      ·  15-pin HD DB "Mom"
Connectors port within the stack

      ·   Two 6-pin mini-DIN connector

      ·   One 15-pin HD DB
Number of ports within the stack

      ·   1
The number of devices within the stack

      ·   8 
The number of PCs connected to the stack

      ·   128

Manual selection of PC

      ·   The button on the KVM Switches
Support for "hot keys"

      ·  Yes
Confirmation of the switch

      ·  Alarm sound
The condition of the keyboard

      ·  Maintain and restore

      ·  PS / 2

      ·  PS / 2
Supported Monitor

      ·  1920 x 1440
Supported bandwidth monitor

      ·  200 MHz

Physical parameters
Power Source

     ·    Direct current 12V / 1A

     ·    Through an external power adapter
Power consumption

     ·  5V / 70mA

     ·   Metal
Operating temperature

     ·   From 0 to 50 C
Storage temperature

     ·  -20 To 60 C

     ·   235 x 41 x 82 mm

     ·    Allows the installation of 19''rack

     ·   3,5 kg 

            Scope of supply

     ·         DKVM-16 16-port KVM switch

     ·         External power adapter

     ·         1 set of KVM cable length 0,9 m

     ·         2 sets of KVM cable length 1,8 m

     ·         2 adapter: 9-pin DB-9 to 6-pin mini-DIN

     ·         2 adapter: 5-pin DIN 6-pin mini-DIN

     ·         User's Guide

     ·         Set to be installed in 19''rack

     ·         8 screws


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