כבל מסך / USB למקלדת/עכבר עבור D-Link KVM באורך 1.8 מטר
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KVM Cable 1.8m for connecting a keyboard, monitor and mouse, and consistent with the series switch DKVM D-Link. DKVM-CU - Cable Kit "two in one" includes cable VGA (15-pin HDD «Daddy") to connect the VGA-monitor cable and USB 2.0 (with connectors USB) to connect one end of the cable to the computer and the other end - to switch KVM.

DKVM-CU Cable is a cable "all-in-one" and allows you to save desk space by combining multiple cables in a bundle. Each cable has its own color-coded (PC99), which ensures proper connection. Also, each cable has a special screen with a ferrite core, which reduces the electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

מאפיינים כללים

• Cable set "all-in-one" to save space on your desktop
• Special shielded coaxial VGA-cable
• The ferrite core to reduce radio frequency interference (aluminum foil)
• Dual screen (aluminum foil / braid shield) for full protection
• Equipped with a flexible, abrasion-resistant and thin PVC-insulated

Console connectors
• Connector 15-pin video HDD «Dad" (monitor)
• Connector USB 2.0 (for keyboard / mouse)

נתונים פיזיים

• 1.8m

• 230g





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