שרת אחסון ShareCenter ל 4 דיסקים, 2 פורטים LAN במהירות ג'יגהביט
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Protecting access to shared files
Using a network disk drives DNS-345 ShareCenter ™ with four bays for hard drives lets you share documents, files and media content on the network. The device is ideal for installing the server in the office, since it provides the flexibility to expand storage capacity by adding data from up to four internal drives SATA. With the integrated FTP-serveru2 remote access to files, which allows company employees to access work files over the Internet from outside the office. Files and folders stored on hard drives, can have different access rights on a local network or the Internet for different users and groups.
Built-in media server for streaming media content
Sharecenter ™ ensures the transmission of streaming media files, using different methods. With built-in media server UPnP AV digital media content can be transferred to compatible media players, such as the Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or any of the products D-Link MediaLounge. In addition, you can use the integrated iTunes-server for streaming and playback of media files through iTunes.
The increase in the use of functional software modules
Thanks to a wide range of different software modules can extend the functionality of NAS. With the help of P2P application users are able to gain access to unlimited collection of free content over the Internet. To stream music collection to the NAS over the Internet, you can use the application and the SqueezeCenter Audio Streamer. Gallery and Blog modules can showcase their photos or blog entries via the Internet, and AjaXplorer provides user friendly graphical interface for remote file access via the Internet. In the future, will be available to new software modules.
Protection, performance and reliability
Sharecenter ™ supports seven different hard drive configurations: Standard, JBOD, and RAID 0/1/5/5 + Hot Spare/10. In Standard mode creates four separate hard drives, while JBOD combines the drives together for maximum space usage. RAID 0/10 for maximum performance, while the modes of RAID 1/5/5 + Hot Spare provide a variety of ways to protect your data from loss.

מאפיינים כללים

• IEEE 802.3
• IEEE 802.3ab
• IEEE 802.3u
• IEEE 802.3ad
• TCP / IP
• Bonjour
• FTP over SSL / TLS, FXP
• WebDAV
• USB 2.0
• DHCP-client
• PnP-X
Device Interfaces
• Four bays for 3.5 "HDD SATA I / II,
• Supports hard drives up to 3TB
• Dual port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
• USB 2.0 port
• LAN (ports on the LAN)
• Ethernet (ports on the Ethernet)
• OLED-Display 128 x 32
Disk Management
• Multiple hard drive configurations: RAID 0/1/5/10/5 + Hot Spare, JBOD, Standard
• Migration of RAID: from Standard in RAID 1/5, from RAID 1 to RAID 5
• Format hard drive
  o Internal: EXT4
  o External: FAT16/32, NTFS
• Scan Disk
• S.M.A.R.T
• Encryption of volume-based AES
• Move the disks
• Moving a RAID
Account Management
• Support for Windows Active Directory service in Windows Server 2003/2008
• Managing User Accounts
• Account Management groups
• Quota Management User / Group
• Network Access Control
• Control of mounting disk images
• Creation of user groups
Manage your downloads
• Schedule downloads for HTTP / FTP
• Peer to Peer (P2P), aMule
Backup management
• Schedule a backup from your PC to the NAS
• Schedule local backup
• Schedule remote backup (Rsync, Remote Snapshot)
• Supports Apple Time Machine
• Backup USB-devices
• Backup Storage Cloud (Amazon S3)
Device control
• Web-interface with support for Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 4, Chrome 3, Opera 10 or higher
• Easy Search Utility
• Notification by e-mail
• Notification by SMS
• Journal of the system / FTP
• Yahoo! Widget
• SNMPv2
• Control of resources
• Additional software modules
Power Management
• The mode of energy conservation
• Automatic power recovery
• Power on / off schedule
• Fan speed control
• D-Link Green Ethernet
• Automatic unloading system at a low level of charge the UPS
• Power UPS
Remote access to files
• File Web-server
• FTP-server
• WebDAV
• AjaXplorer
File sharing
• Max. number of accounts: 512 (without ADS) / 800 (ADS)
• Max. number of groups: 64 (without ADS) / 200 (ADS)
• Max. number of shared folders: 128 (no P2P)
• Max. number of simultaneous connections: 64 (Samba) / 10 (FTP)
Language Support
• Samba: Unicode
• FTP-server/iTunes-server: Unicode, Croatian, Cyrillic (Kyrgyz Republic), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian , Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

נתונים פיזיים

Power supply
External power supply: 19 V DC / 4.74 A
Max. power consumption
Normal mode: 53 W
Sleep mode: 13.5 watts
Operating temperature
From 0 to 40 ° C
Storage temperature
From -20 To 70 C
Operating humidity
From 5% to 90% (no condensation)
Out of package: 128 x 200 x 178 mm
• In the box: 242 x 278 x 255 mm
Out of package: 2.7 kg
Packaged: 4.02 kg

• CE
• IC
• C-Tick




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