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Software D-ViewCam DCS-100 is a versatile video surveillance system that provides the ability to centrally manage and display real-time information from 32 network cameras. Map Mode lets you create maps based on location and camera positions. All connected cameras are displayed for easy viewing in the tree of devices. Additional features such as auto-patrol, rotate, zoom and focus, provide optimal control of a video surveillance system.

Video recording and playback
Software D-ViewCam DCS-100 provides the ability to schedule recording, motion detection and manually. Search for recorded files is performed according to their type or select a playback interface. Recorded videos can be edited or exported to AVI / ASF format.

Notification settings
Software DCS-100 provides enhanced monitoring and protection through notification of events detected thanks to smoke detectors, door sensor, alarm button, camera, card reader or other device I / O. Connect any of these devices to the I / O enabled camera D-Link, and when an event occurs IN D-ViewCam DCS-100 will immediately receive a notification and will inform the user by e-mail or via an audible alarm.

Backing up the database
Software D-ViewCam support the playback function that allows you to download and play the recorded file on a computer running Windows. In this case, users are able to monitor in real time on a single computer and view recorded video on the other. Software D-ViewCam also provides users with database maintenance utility (DB Tool), which can be used to restore the database or change the place of its location on a local or external drive. The software also supports the import / export of configuration files, allowing users to sync settings for a variety of surveillance devices.

מאפיינים כללים

Support for cameras
• Support for up to 32 cameras
• Support of megapixel network cameras

Video Compression

Compression formats MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264

Software features
• Setting the OSD (On-screen Display)
• Monitoring in real time
• Record up to 30 frames / second for each camera (depending on the camera model and the free space on a video server)
• Automatic detection of network cameras
• Support for multiple languages
• Changing the configuration during operation
• E-mail Alerts
• The locking system to prevent unauthorized access

Account Management System
• User Authentication
• Limit to change the password for the user
• Creating a User Profile
• Control access based on privileges

• Support for multiple locations to store records
• Scheduled Recording
• Event Recording
• Protection of the recorded data
• Supports Pre / post-recording
• Support for manual recording
• Single record sound from multiple channels
• Record and view in real time with different frame rates and different resolutions

Search and playback
• Control playback video
• The method of fast video search using the histogram
• date / time stamp for video
• Get snapshots from video
• Convert video formats to AVI / ASF
• Support for remote playback / playback through Web-browser

Video Mode
• Split screen
• Support drag and drop the video on the screen
• Support for video in full screen mode
• Information Window
• Enable the PTZ camera control with support for PTZ
• Supports digital zoom in / out
• Duplication of the camera
• Supports remote live viewing

Map mode
• Support for multiple cards
• Notification of alarm
• The background map, a user-configurable
• Preview Image
• Display the status of the camera and sensor I / O

PTZ Control
• Auto Pan
• Manual control
• Points Patrol (depending on the device)
• Patrolling at predetermined points
• Supports multiple patrols

Function input-output
• Control output port
• Operation of the port of entry by event
• Send a signal to the output port at an event

• Create a backup of the database for magazines and videos
• Import / Export Configuration File
• Utility Database Maintenance - DB tool
• Writing backups to DVD in Windows XP




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