מתג שולחני 8 פורטים 10/100
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Main Features

  • 8 x 10/100Mbps Auto-sensing on All Ports
  • Up to 200Mbps per Port
  • All ports support half/full-duplex
  • Compact palm-sized
Product Description

The D-Link DES-1008D is a Dual-Speed 8-port 10/100Mb Ethernet/Fast Ethernet NWay auto-negotiating Switch. It is designed to eliminate unnecessary traffic, and relieve congestion by delivering dedicated bandwidth for each of the eight ports.

The DES-1008D can be deployed with multiple high-speed servers for shared bandwidth to 10Mbps or 100Mbps workgroups. With the highest bandwidth at 200Mbps (100Mbps in full-duplex mode), any port can provide workstations with a congestion-free data pipe for simultaneous access of the server.

The DES-1008D complies with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T and 802.3u 100BASE-TX, which specify NWay auto-negotiation, Flow control in half-duplex mode.

The DES-1008D combines dynamic memory allocation with store-and forward switching to ensure that the buffer is effectively allocated for each port, while controlling the data flow between the transmit and receive nodes to guarantee against all possible packet loss.

The DES-1008D includes added brackets, maximizing space while increasing port density.

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General Standards

  • IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3u 10BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
  • ANSI/IEEE 802.3 N Way auto-negotiation
  • IEEE 802.3 x Flow control






Data transfer rates


  • 10Mbps (half-duplex)
  • 20Mbps (full-duplex)

Fast Ethernet:

  • 100Mbps (half-duplex)
  • 200Mbps (full-duplex)


  • Star




Network cables

10BASE –T:

  • UTP Cat. 3,4,5 (100m)
  • EIA/TIA -568 STP (100m)

100BASE –TX:

  • UTP Cat.5 (100m)
  • EIA/TIA -5681 STP (100m

Number of ports

  • 8 x 10/100Mbps

Twisted- pair Rx Reserve Polarity

  • Auto correction

LED Report

  • Per device: Power
  • Per port: 100Mbps Link/Activity

Transmission Method

  • Store-and-forward

Mac address table

  • 1K entries per device

Mac address learning

  • Automatic update

Buffer memory

  • 64K Bytes per device

Packet filtering rates

  • 10BASE –T: 14,880 pps per port (half-duplex)
  • 100BASE –TX: 148,880 pps per port (half-duplex)


Packet forwarding rates

  • 10BASE –T: 14,880 pps per port (half-duplex)
  • 100BASE –TX: 148,880 pps per port (half-duplex)


Power input

  • AC-9V/1A
  • DC-7.5V/1A
  • Switching 5V/1.2A

Power consumption

  • 2 watts

Operating temperature

  • 0°-50°C

Storage Temperature

  • -10°-70°C

Operating Humidity

  • 10% -90%


  • 192x118x32 mm (7.5x4.5x1.2 inches)


  • 301 grams



Emission (EMI)

  • FCC Class B
  • ICES-003 Class B
  • Ce Class B
  • C-Tick Class B
  • VCCI Class B


  • 116,186 hours


  • CUL
  • CSA international

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