תקשורת 4 port VoIP Trunk Gateway H.323-FXO
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Voice gateway DVG-1104TH allows to carry out telephone calls from computer networks allows to carry out phone calls from computer networks on the basis of IP protocol in a network of a traditional telephony with simultaneous compression of the voice traffic, and provides connection to central or office automatic telephone exchange with the established corresponding equipment. For transfer of the voice data and the signal system the device uses functions of standard protocol H.323, and thus provides compatibility with other similar devices at connection directly, or through the Gatekeeper.

4 Analog ports FXO
The given gateway is the effective decision for office IP-telephony, giving 4 analog ports for connection of telephone lines of a city telephone system or lines of office automatic telephone exchange with sockets RJ-11. Such decision allows to carry out phone calls from office on the big distances through networks of data transmission, such as the Internet.

The economy of means on the long-distance calls
The benefit is obvious: the existing connection and a payment for services from the Internet service provider for realization of all long-distance calls is used. The connection can be made though a DSL - line or a cable modem. It is a favorable decision for connection of an office to the Internet and the realization on it the phone calls or transfers of faxes.

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Dlink 4-port VOIP Trunk Gateway, 4 x FXO ports, 1 x 10Base-T port, 1 x Console por t

Product Features:
• Automatically gatekeeper discovery
• Supports auto-attendant
• Receives caller ID (DTMF/ FSK) from PSTN
• H.450.2 call transfer
• H.450.4 call hold

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