1-Port 10-Gigabit XFP Module for DGS-3600 Series
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The D-Link XFP module provides high-speed 10-Gigabit connection on the secure fiber cable. It provides a single or dual XFP slots and can be slid into an open slot of a D-Link Gigabit switch. A number of 10Gigabit transceivers are available for selection for installation in the XFP slot. Data transfer is operated in the full-duplex mode at 20 Gigabits per second on either the multi-mode or single-mode fiber network cable, depending on the type of transceiver being installed.

The D-Link XFP module allows flexible deployment of 10-Gigabit connection and is ideal for bandwidth-hungry applications that can meet greater cable distances and low signal interference requirements in the Local Area Network, Wide Area Network and Metropolitan Area Network.


Number of XFP Slots
1 XFP slot

Data Rate & Operation
20 Gigabit per second (full-duplex)

Switch Compatibility
DGS-3400 series switches

Transceiver Support
- DEM-421XT (up to 300 m on multi-mode fiber cable)
- DEM-422XT (up to 10 km on single-mode fiber cable)
- DEM-423XT (up to 40 km on single-mode fiber cable)


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DEM-410X  Module
- 1 XFP Slot
- Compatible With DGS-3400 Series Gigabit Switches


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