4-Port Super Speed USB 3.0 Hub


D-Link’s DUB-1341 4-Port Super Speed USB 3.0 Hub provides an easy way to add four USB 3.0 ports to your notebook or desktop computer. USB 3.0 lets you reach Super Speed data transfer rates of 5 Gbps, while also supporting High Speed, Full Speed, and Low Speed transfer rates. The four USB 3.0 ports are backwards compatible, so all your devices can be plugged in. Compact, with a sleek, black design– take it with you wherever you go.
Transfer Large Files Faster Than Ever
Use the DUB-1341 to instantaneously share files with colleagues, friends and family. The DUB-1341 can transfer data at 5 Gbps, or ten times faster than USB 2.0. Super Speed transfer rates make it faster than ever to transfer music, HD movies, photo albums, and other large files – making waiting for file transfers a thing of the past. 
Connect More Devices
With the DUB-1341, you can conveniently add more USB 3.0 ports to any computer. Now you can connect up to 4 more USB peripheral devices, such as smart phones, tablets, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers – to your notebook or desktop computer. Make your laptop a charging station, or save time by simultaneously transfering data from one or more flash drives at lightning speeds. 
Compatible with All Your Devices
The DUB-1341 is backwards compatible with your USB 2.0 devices. Featuring four ports; Super Speed, High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed transfers are supported, ensuring your older devices are still relevant. The DUB-1341 supports previous USB standard devices, while providing USB 3.0 high speed transfers to your newer devices, making the DUB-1341 the ideal portable USB Hub for home and office use.
Super Simple and Convenient
Simply plug in the DUB-1341 to any Mac or PC. It’s that easy - no drivers  or software installation required. Now you can connect up to four additional USB devices to your laptop, notebook, or desktop computer.
Take it with You Anywhere
The DUB-1341 is designed to fit into any notebook bag, making its compact size convenient for taking anyway. Experience the freedom and convenience of portability and expandability with the DUB-1341 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub.

General features

• USB specification version 3.0 (data rates of up to 5 Gbps)
• Four USB Type A (female) downstream ports 
• Upstream USB Type A (male) port
Connectivity Rules 
• Up to 127 devices 
• Up to five cascaded hubs
• Maximum cable length between each hub: 5 m
Minimum System Requirements 
• Windows 8/Win 8 RT/7/Vista/XP 
• Mac OS 
• Linux
• USB 1.1
• USB 2.0 
• USB 3.0
USB Power 
• Bus Powered


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DUB-1341   4-Port Super Speed USB 3.0 Hub


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Front view
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