Audio/Video Converter With MPEG1/2/4 Compression and USB 2.0 Interface
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Easy and Fast Connection to PC
The DUB-AV200 comes with a high-speed USB 2.0 port for fast interface to your PC's USB 2.0 port. This port can also connect to a downstream USB hub, if your PC is connected to such a device. To your VHS camcorders and VCRs, the DUB-AV200 provides an S-jack and RCA audio/video input, allowing your PC's USB bus to take audio/video streams from your analog device. 

Video Recording and Frame Capture
Necessary software is provided for you to begin making digital video from traditional analog video stream immediately. The software allows you to record digital video directly to a PC's hard drive, record digital video for attachment to an e-mail, capture still frames, and set up motion-sensing video recording.

High Quality Video
The DUB-AV200 allows you to capture 30 frames per second, 704 x 480 resolution high quality image on your PC's hard disk via the USB bus. The DUB-AV200 captures CD quality stereo audio by 16 bits, 24KHz sampling rate with A/V synchronization feature. Moreover, the snapshot function lets you catch 704 x 480 still images from your video source.

Format Conversion, Video Editing and DVD Burner
With the user-friendly program DVD Plus included, you can easily transfer the captured bit stream into other standard formats as your wish, such as A VI, MPEG4, VCD, DVD and so on. MPEG Editor video editing software and DVD Maker software for family movies is bundled with this device to allow you to edit and save digital video on your PC's hard disk or CD. You can attach the recorded digital video to your e-mail, capture still frames and set up motion-sensing video recording.

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