Bluetooth-to-LAN Access Point
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Standard Compliance
With Bluetooth v1.1 and IEEE 802.3u Ethernet compliance, the DBT-900AP access point provides you with wireless access to Ethernet LAN and Internet/Intranet services via a range of Bluetooth devices. The DBT-900AP allows mobile users to connect without delay when they are located in a defined Bluetooth Network area. This Bluetooth-to-LAN access point supports devices equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, which incorporates built-in intelligence to provide security and quick installation. The DBT-900AP supports the state-of-the-art PAN Profile Bluetooth technology.

Point to Multipoint Connectivity
The DBT-900AP allows multiple mobile users to connect to it simultaneously and without delay when they are within range of the access point.

Low-Cost, High-Speed Network Access
The DBT-900AP operates at public-use radio frequencies that are plentiful and unlicensed. It provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity to Ethernet-equipped devices and systems running TCP/IP for high-speed, local network and Internet communications without the operation cost (such as telephone charges) of going through a cellular carrier.

Access to Wide-Ranging Applications
Through its LAN interface, the DBT-900AP enables your Bluetooth users to access information services on a local area network (LAN), e-mail, file transfer, Web browsing and synchronization. Printers, scanners and storage devices connected to an Ethernet network can also be shared among Bluetooth users.

Internet Connection
Through its Ethernet interface, the DBT-900AP can be directly connected to a broadband Internet gateway for high-speed Internet sharing among Bluetooth-enabled users. In a LAN environment, such as in an office, such Internet sharing among Bluetooth users can also be realized through the presence of a remote router on the LAN.

Home, Business and School Use
Besides for private use at home, the DBT-900AP can also be installed at public areas such as offices, hotels, museums, airport lounges or even schools. It can be useful if you are in a hotel and want to access the Internet from different places inside the hotel or from your hotel room. This device can also be installed at school to provide access to the Internet from inside the campus.


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