Wireless Switching 108 G Access Point
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The  DWL-3500AP  Wireless  Switching  108  G  Access Point  is  a  high-performance  wireless  access  device that  provides  up  to  108Mbps  transmission  rates on the 2.4GHz frequency band. This AP provides unparallel wireless mobility and client access to the functions of the DWS-3024/3026 wireless  switches. Connected  to  these switches, each DWL-3500AP continually  tunes  itself  for optimal RF  channel  and  transmits  power  to  provide  all mobile clients with the best wireless signals.

Up to 108Mbps Speed
With  transmission  speeds  of  up  to  108Mbps  (Turbo mode) ,  the  DWL-3500AP  is  an  ideal  solution  for bandwidth  intensive  WLAN  application.  In  a  typical working environment with multiple users accessing  the network at the same time, the DWL-3500AP can operate at double times the throughput of regular 802.11g wireless LAN equipment.

Sensitive Information Not Stored Locally
Individual  DWL-3500AP  access  points  have  no  local  storing  of  any  data  so  they  can  be  safely  installed  in unsecured  areas without  fear  of  hacking  or  theft.  The DWS-3024/3026 switch  is  the hardware  that stores vital network,  and  user  information  in  plain  site  is  typically stored in a secure location. DWL-3500AP can link to the DWS-3024/3026  directly  or  through  the  existing  wired
network, and  roam  in high speed within a single DWS-3024/3026  or  even  across  Layer  3  boundaries  between several peer DWS-3024/3026 switches.

Self Confguration & Easy Installation
The  DWS-3024/3026  switch  automatically  confgures every  connected  DWL-3500AP,  so  no  confguration  is necessary during installation. If a DWL-3500AP needs to be replaced, the replacement DWL-3500AP automatically inherits the same confguration, making the replacement process as simple as a child’s game.

PoE Facilitates Wireless Deployment
For maximum coverage, the DWL-3500AP can be placed at out-of-the-way locations such as on a ceiling or a high wall, where AC  outlets  are  inaccessible  and  providing power  to  these  locations  is diffcult and expensive. The DWL-3500AP  can  easily  obtain  power  from  a  DWS-3024/3026  switch  located  as  far  as  100  meters  away through the unused pairs of the existing network cable, doing  away  with  the  need  to  install  separate  power wiring.  With  industry-standard  802.3af  PoE  support, this wireless access point does not even require a PoE injector.

Continuous Channel Scanning To Detect Rogue AP
DWL-3500AP continuously scans the wireless frequency band and its associated channels to detect rogues while simultaneously providing wireless connectivity to mobile clients. If a rogue is detected, it reports the result to the DWS-3024/3026 wireless  switch  that manages  it.  From a management console, administrators can  identify  the  rouge AP and take appropriate action.

Total Security & Quality of Service
The  DWL-3500AP  supports  64/128/152-bit  WEP  data encryption, WPA/WPA2  security and multiple SSID per RF  frequency  band.  Connected  to  the  DWS-3024/3026 switch,  these  function  along  with  wireless  user  MAC Address  Filtering  and  SSID  Broadcast  Disable  can be  used  to  set  up  security  and  limit  outsiders’  access to  the  internal  network.  The  DWL-3500AP  supports
802.1Q  VLAN  Tagging  and  WMM  (Wi-Fi  Multimedia) for  important wireless  transmissions  such as VoIP and streaming  media  applications,  delivering  critical  user-based  services,  such  as  prioritized  delivery  of  voice traffc.

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