ADSL Router for SOHO Networks
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Up to 8Mbps Speed
At up to 8Mbps downstream and 640Kbps upstream for full-rate .dmt, and up to 1.5Mbps  downstream and 512Kbps upstream for  G.Lite, you'll see a startling and immediate increase in performance. The DSL-504 ADSL router operates on the existing telephone line and does not require any new cabling.

Uses Existing Telephone Line
ADSL simply makes  better use of  the existing wire by partitioning it into different channels or  frequencies in order to get  more data on the line. The frequency range used by traditional  telephones remains untouched,  with data travelling at  other frequencies. This  allows traditional phones and faxes to operate exactly as before without being affected by the high-speed ADSL data transfers which take place at the same time.

No More Busy Signals
ADSL is always  on once it  is installed, not  a problem since ADSL providers  don't charge per  minute.  It simply eliminates the need to dial up to establish a connection to an ISP or  a corporate network and makes your  online experience that much faster, reliable and convenient.

4 Built-in Switch Ports
The ADSL router  comes with 4 built-in 10/100Mbps switched ports, each providing dedicated bandwidth for connected devices/computers. Since devices connected directly to a switch don't compete for local bandwidth,  the DSL-504 can help speed up your  LAN as well.

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