Dial-Up Router
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Downloadable Flash ROM Easy Configuration
Preserves your investment in the performance and capability.

Ability to use any Modem or ISDN
Asynchronous ports up to 460Kbps easily supports 128Kbps ISDN TAs or 56Kbps analog modems.

Cost-saving Dial-on-Demand and Bandwidth-on-Demand
The device's dial-on-demand function allows your network to establish a line connection when needed without requiring users' intervention.Bandwidth-on-demand will dial-up additional modems or ISDNs depend on the number of users or the amount of network data to save the connection charges.

Easy configuration
Setting up the device for running is easy.We provide the Setup Wizard to make the device setup quick, easy, and intuitive.

Access Security and NAT Internal
The dial-in user authentication is available, including user name, password, and per-user firewalls.The device also supports RADIUS protocol for centralized user authentication

Network Filter Support
Give you the power to manage your network clients and allow or restrict access to specific Internet applications for each and every client on your LAN.

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