Internet Server with Built-in Modem
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Share ISP Accounts
With only one ISP account, your entire network can logon to the Internet. This device’s built-in NAT and DHCP server functions automatically create and assign IP addresses to all network users, simplifying user’s logon operation while saving the cost of  keeping individual ISP accounts.

Built-in Modem
Built into the device is a 56Kbps modem. This eliminates the cost of purchasing a separate modem and the trouble of installing one. The built-in modem also serves to connect a single PC to the phone for Internet access, file transfer or remote access in a home environment where no network is installed.

Shared Modem
Through one modem, your entire network can access the Internet. Modem sharing eliminates the need for a separate modem, phone line and phone charge for each individual user.

Cost-saving Dial-on-Demand
The device’s dial-on-demand function allows your network to establish a line connection when needed without requiring users’ intervention. Using an inactivity timer, the device disconnects the line when there is no traffic. It re-connects the line when traffic flow is again detected.

Easy Configuratlon
Setting up the device for running is easy. You can select to administer the Internet server in-band through a Windows-based program, through Telnet, or through a web browser. Current setting and operational status can be displayed for monitoring and control purposes.

Auto-sensing 10/100Mbps LAN Port
Network connection is through 10/100Mbps dual-speed port that supports both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. The port auto-detects the network speed and adjusts to use the correct one completely without user’s need to configure.


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