32-Bit Fast Ethernet PC Card Adapter
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High Performance
This isa 32-bit high-performance dual-speed 10/100Mbps CardBus PC card designed to permit users ona move to easily connect toa network and share databases and resources in diverse environments. Supporting 20Mbps/200Mbps full duplex, this adapter is engineered to unleash the power of today's notebooks and turn them into robust stations or servers.

NWay 10/100Mbps Interface
The card's single connector connects to either 10BASE-T Ethernet or 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet completely without any need to set configuration. It detects the connected hub's capability and auto-negotiates to use the highest available speed.

Full Duplex Support
Full/half duplex operation is auto-detected in both 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX modes. In full-duplex, the notebook is connected toa switch on a dedicated segment. With transmission and reception taking place simultaneously, data transfer is doubled. Mobile users can thus hook to a network and turn their notebooks into power servers.

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