Fiber Gigabit PCI Express x4 Adapter
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The  D-Link  DGE-560SX  Fiber  Gigabit  PCI  Express  x4 Adapter  is  a  high-performance  network  card  that  let businesses  take  advantage  of  the  PCI  Express  (PCIe) slots of  their servers  to enhance network performance with  fber-optic  connectivity.  The  adapter’s  dedicated input/output  (I/O)  bandwidth  PCIe  ensures  priority performance  without  bus  sharing  for  Gigabit  Ethernet connectivity in fber-optic networks.

PCI Express Interface
The  DGE-560SX  PCI  Express  x4  adapter  supports 2Gbps  data  addressing  to  increase  higher  throughput requirements  from  the adapter’s PC board  to  the server host.  It  provides  unsurpassed  robustness,  reliability and  performance,  and  is  the  optimum  I/O  connectivity solution  for  a  wide  spectrum  of  server,  storage  and system  area  networks  (SAN). As  the  successor  to  the PCI and PCI-X  interfaces, PCI Express bus architecture host serial bus eliminates many of  the  ineffciencies of parallel  PCI  and  PCI-X  architectures.  With  lower  pin counts  and  lower  power  consumption  requirements, the  DGE-560SX  PCI  Express  host  bus  adapter  also reduces system  level power  requirements. PCI Express is backward compatible with PCI and PCI-X addressing, which  allows  all  existing  applications  and  Operating Systems to function unchanged.

Fiber-Optic Connection
Delivering  network  speed  up  to  2000Mbps  (full-duplex) on  the fber-optic cable,  the DGE-560SX adapter brings ample  bandwidth  to  a  server  up  to  550  meters  away. It  offoads  the  host  operating  system  overhead  by providing  on-board  verifcation  of  IP  header  and  TCP/UDP  checksum  for  data  received,  in  turn  freeing  up server processing power for other applications.

VLAN & QoS Support
The DGE-560SX adapter provides on-board screening of  VLAN tagged Ethernet frames compliant with IEEE 802.1Q. This allows the server to operate in a fexible and secure network confguration in a standards-based environment. It supports 802.1p Priority Queues  for  improved delivery of time sensitive data such as voice and video.

Advanced Functions
The  DGE-560SX  supports  other  advanced  features such  as  Jumbo  Frame  of  up  to  9KB  and  Promiscuous mode.  It  supports  ACPI  (Advanced  Confguration  and Power  Interface)  specifcations  to  enable  OS-directed confguration  and  Power  Management  (OSPM)  to enumerate  and  confgure  server  motherboards.  The adapter supports SNMP agent for management under an
SNMP-based platform.

Hot Swap Capability
It is often diffcult or impossible to schedule downtime on a server to replace or  install peripheral cards. As a PCI Express card, the DGE-560SX provides native support for hot plugging and hot swapping, which makes it ideal for installation in a server. This hot swap capability makes it easy for network administrators to add, change or remove I/O peripherals while minimizing the server downtime.

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