Broadband internet IP phone


Internet phone made for home & office
The DPH-400SE Broadband Internet IP Phone allows you to take advantage of your DSL/cable modem connection to make inexpensive Internet phone calls. It combines the industry’s latest Voice over the IP network (VoIP) technology with advanced communication features, and is compatible with industry-wide phone services. This sleek designed IP phone gives you the advantages of VoIP, while retaining the same look and feel of a traditional desktop telephone.
Superior voice quality
The DPH-400SE IP phone incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure that voice received through the Internet is the same as or even surpasses that received on the ordinary phone. It supports many useful functions such as call transfer, caller ID display, 3-way conference and speed dialing to make it convenient to dial out or answer phone calls.
Surf internet while making internet phone calls
The DPH-400SE comes with two Ethernet ports, one to connect to a DSL or cable modem, or to your broadband router. Once connected and logged onto the Internet, you are ready to make and receive calls. In addition, this IP phone provides another Ethernet port for connection to your PC, so you can talk on the IP telephone while browsing web sites, send email, transfer files and do other network tasks on your PC.
Quality of service and security
The DPH-400SE supports voice VLAN and data VLAN to isolate your voice communication so it cannot be tapped over the network. It provides Class of Service Support by VLAN Tag to streamline traffic so web browsing and Internet download will not interfere with voice traffic and degrade Internet phone quality.

General features

Network interface
+ One RJ-45 port can connect to DSL/cable modem, remote router or Ethernet /Gigabit switch or POE Switch , the other RJ-45 port can connect to a PC
Signal, media & network protocols
+ SIP RFC 3261 & the related RFC standard in Appendix A
+ SDP RFC 2327
+ RTP RFC 1889
+ IP assignment: Static IP, DHCP and PPPoE
+ STUN, static port mapping (for NAT traversal)
+ TFTP/FTP/HTTP for Auto Provision
Voice codec
+ G.711a/u (64 kbps)
+ G.729A/B (8kbp)
+ G.723.1 (high/low)
+ G.726-32
+ G.722
Advanced voice quality features
+ Silence Suppression
+ Acoustic Echo Cancellation (G.168): Hands free can support 96ms
+ Voice Active Detection (VAD)
+ Comfort Noise Generation
+ Jitter Buffer
+ DTMF Transmitter (SIP info, Transparent, RFC 2833)
+ Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
+ Support HD voice
+ Menu
+ 4 Soft keys for doing more functions
+ Phone Book
+ History
+ 4 Navigator Keys for navigating in configuration; volume adjustment of Ringer, Speaker phone & Handset
+ Headset
+ Mute
+ Redial (Redial and the entry to access call history; finish dialing and call the number)
+ Speaker
+ Line 1 / Line 2
+12 numeric keys with star & pound key
+ Vol + / Vol –
+ Conference
+ Transfer
Call features
+ Call Hold Resume
+ Call Forward (Busy, No answer, Unconditional)
+ Call Transfer (Blind, Attend & Early Attended Transfer)
+ Call Waiting
+ Call waiting Indication
+ Three Way Conference
+ Anonymous Call/Rejection
+ Message Waiting Indication
+ Do Not Disturb
+ Auto Answer
+ Black list
+ Limit list
+ Auto hangup
+ Ban outgoing
+ hotline
+ BLF/Presence
+ Intercom
+ Call Pickup
+ Action url/ active uri
Speaker phone
Built-in Speaker
Remote firmware upgrade
+ FTP/TFTP/HTTP for Firmware remote update
+ APS auto-provisioning for firmware and profile upgrade
User interface/network management
+ LCD/Keypad UI in English & other Languages
+ HTTP(WEB) UI in English version & other Languages

+ QoS: IEEE 802.1Q & IEEE 802.1p Compliant
+ Diffserv (DSCP)/ToS
Security/ class of service
+ 802.1Q VLAN Tag)
+ Full range VLAN ID Support(voice vlan/data vlan)
+ Class of Service Support by VLAN Tag
+ L2TP VPN/ OpenVpn
Phone features
+ Multi-user (5 SIP accounts)
+ Caller ID display
+ Call History: 100 Missed Calls, 100 Received Calls, 100 Dialed Calls
+ Phone book (up to 500 contact names and phone numbers)
+ Day/Time display
+ 12 Selective Ring tones (9 tones & 3 melodies)
+ 9 Speed dial number
+ Incoming call indicator
+ Flexible dial map
+ Password control for Configuration
+ Pre-dial before sending
+ Memo
+ Connect with expansion module
+ Keypad lock
+ Emergency call
Input power
100~120, 220~240VAC
Output power
5V 1A DC
Power consumption
+ Typical: 1.5 Watt (Standby)
+ Max: 1.8 Watt (Talking)
240 x 188 x 45 mm
Operating temperature
0° to 40°C
Storage temperature
-20° to 60° C
Operating humidity
10% to 65% non-condensing
Storage humidity
15% to 85% non-condensing


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DPH-400SE/F3  Broadband internet IP phone


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