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The D-Link DPH-20U VoIP USB phone is a handset that plugs to a USB port of your PC. Designed for use with any desktop, notebook or laptop computer, this handset set enables you to make Internet phone calls from your PC to another PC, or from your PC to any ordinary analog phone, with great convenience. A comprehensive unit complete with a dialing keypad, function keys, a built-in speaker, microphone and LCD display, this VoIP USB phone allows you to operate with ease just like any regular telephone.


Phone Charge Savings

Plug this VOIP phone into a USB port of your computer and you can make free PC to PC phone calls to any part of the world. You can also enjoy great savings whenever you use DPH-20U to make long distance calls to any location in the world. This VoIP phone has a built-in ringer that allows you to pick up the phone to answer phone calls from any Internet caller in the world. You can customize your ring tone for incoming calls from a selection of 4 user-selectable ring tones available. You can now instantly identify the caller by listening to the ring tone.



Easy Operation

The DPH-20U VoIP USB phone is a self-enclosed handheld unit completely equipped with integrated speaker and microphone, so you can hold it up against your ear and speak just like you would with any ordinary phone set. A keypad with menu function keys and a large LCD for contact list display make dialing easy. Simply press a button to receive a call when the phone rings, and press another button to hang up the phone. You can record a conversation at the touch of a button to begin recording to your computer disk drive. The DPH-20U is USB-powered; it receives power from your PC, so you do not need to look for a power outlet to plug in a power adapter for the phone.




The DPH-20U is compatible with several popular applications such as Microsoft NetMeeting, MSN Messenger Service and Yahoo! Messenger where you are able to make PC to PC and PC to phone calls using this VoIP phone set.



High-Quality Voice

The quality of the voice transmitted over the Internet depends to a large extent on the bandwidth of your Internet connection and the performance of your PC (RAM size for jitter buffer, micro-processor for speed, etc.). Your softphone will be capable of functions like voice activity detection and comfort noise generation. The DPH-20U has an audio controller to carry out additional actions such as echo cancellation and noise reduction to ensure the quality of voice transmitted from your PC to the phone set remains the same, if not better.



Travel Companion

With its compact size and USB plug-and-play connection, the DPH-20U is a great travel companion. You can bring this phone set around with your laptop PC wherever you go. Simply connect it to your laptop USB port and make phone calls from wireless hot spot zones. This is an added bonus if the battery on your mobile phone or the amount in you prepaid phone time are running low. The DPH-20U is essentially a convenient and affordable way for you to communicate and keep in touch with others .


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