Wireless G Network Storage Enclosure
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The D-Link MediaLounge DSM-G600 wireless G network storage enclosure connects your existing hard drive to the home or office network. With the DSM-G600, you can convenientlyshare documents, files, and digital media such as music, video, and photos with everyone onyour home or office network. You can free up disk space on the computer and organize data on your network with the DSM-G600 wireless G network storage enclosure.

The DSM-G600 can be used with an internal 3.5-inch ATA/IDE hard drive, giving you the flexibility of choosing the storage capacity required for your network. And with 2 additional high-speed USB ports, you can expand your storage capabilities even further as your network needs grow by adding your own external USB drives.

In addition, the DSM-G600 also functions as an wireless access point. You can create an 802.11g wireless network when you attach the DSM-G600 to your wired router.

By adding your own hard drives to the DSM-G600, you can conveniently store, retrieve, and share digital content with everyone on your home or office network. As a central storage location for data, the DSM-G600 is an organized solution for the network. Since the DSM-G600 is visible and available to everyone on the network, you can use it to share files or collaborate on projects.

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