Digital Zoom Internet Camera with High-Quality CCD Sensor, 2-Way Audio
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Stand-alone System With Integrated Web Server
The DCS-3220 Internet Camera comes with a built-in CPU and Web server , providing a low-cost solution for home, office and factory security monitoring needs. Its integrated Web server eliminates the need to connect the camera to a computer. Once installed, you use the built-in IP address to gain access to the camera, view live streaming video, and make changes to camera settings.

High-Quality Video With CCD Sensor & Digital Zoom
The DCS-3220 uses MPEG-4 Simple Profile Mode to stream live video at up to 30 frames per second for real-time viewing. A CCD sensor provides sharp video images with lifelike color representation. The camera also features 4x digital zoom for close-up viewing using the Web interface. * Plus, with low light sensitivity, it has the capability to monitor and record video in rooms with minimal lighting, making it ideal to use at night.

Watch, Listen & Talk Remotely
Through a built-in microphone, you can watch and listen remotely as the DCS-3220 captures both sound and video of your site. Directly connected to a local network or the Internet without going through any computer, this camera easily integrates with your network environment. This camera takes surveillance to another level using 2-way audio. By adding a powered speaker to the DCS-3220, you can now remotely talk to anyone at your camera site.

Multi-Camera Monitoring
Surveillance software is included to let you view up to 16 cameras on a single computer screen at one central location.  Images can be recorded to your computer's hard drive manually or according to a pre-set schedule. The camera can be connected to external alarms and sensors, and you can set up automated email alerts for sending through the Internet to alarm you instantly of all unusual happenings.

Motion Detected Recording
Instead of recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, images can also be recorded only when motions are detected. This saves disk space and eliminates the time wasted to view unnecessary images. Images can be directly archived straight to your computer hard drive or to Network Attached Storage. Playback consumes little time with triggered event browsing and fast database searching.

Easy Deployment
Everything needed to get started is included with the DCS-3220 Internet Camera. Simple installation procedures, along with the built-in Web-based interface, of fer easy integration into your network environment. The DCS-3220 adheres to the Universal Plug-n-Play specification, which allows computers running Windows XP/ME to automatically recognize the camera and add it to the network. The DCS-3220 can be accessed and viewed from any network places as a device on the network.

By signing up with one of the many free Dynamic DNS services available on the Web, you can assign an easy-to-remember name and domain to the camera (e.g. www.mycamera.myddns.com). This allows you to remotely access your camera without having to remember the IP address, even if your Internet Service Provider has changed it.

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